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Dear Generals,

I would like to thank your staff for sending us your library materials here in Malawi. With great joy we received it last year; therefore may God almighty who pours out the Spirit without measure bless your staff and even the coming generation. We remember you in our prayers, for you have carried very big, busy ministries. Your writings have revealed a lot.

I thank the Lord, for through your prayers He gave me a wonderful wife named Esther. We’ve also been blessed with a baby girl named Grace.

A few months ago I was bitten by a snake, yet through prayer, the Lord healed me instantly. I was bitten on a Saturday evening and completely healed by Monday morning.

When I read about your ministry it’s my prayer for it to grow mightily all over the world. My body is in Malawi but my soul and spirit are together with you there in America.

Yours on the Battlefront,

Eden Mwalwanda

MALAWI, C.Africa


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