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The Days Of Small Beginnings

How ACMTC Started-- A Very Condensed Version

Continually the Lord reminds us to despise not the days of small beginnings. And as we look at life, how the very process of it begins with the seed, the smallest entity, and then that in turn grows and produces and brings forth fruit. How important it is that we believe God and that we continue to obey His commands unto us. For when we will believe in Him, He proves Himself to be faithful. In the early 1980's before General Jim & myself opened up for public ministry we had an unshakeable burden to witness through gospel literature. At the time we were on a very small budget and living on the edge of poverty. We had always put God first in our finances even if it meant we did without, but we didn't mind that, in fact we grew used to sacrifice. So at that time, the Lord put it on our hearts to put together and have printed the testimony tract of our salvation story, "Where in hell is God?" As we worked feverishly on the project we felt the challenge of the Lord in our hearts. We only had a small emergency savings account and God told us to take it all, every dime of it, and put it into the printing of the tract. So with the help of a few others, we took our resource and had the booklet printed. Little did we know that step of faith would lead us in the footsteps that God had ordained for us. When we had the first printing done and on our living room floor, the Lord spoke to us through prophetic utterance and told us that He would multiply our sacrifice, and that the printed materials He would have us to do in the future would go around the world by the tens of millions. And now twenty one years later God has kept His Word to us and the literature produced has gone around the world over and over again.

From the beginning God has directed our paths and has ordained what He wanted to be brought forth through us and by us. After the first printing, we used to spend all of our extra money that we got by denying ourselves on printing more tracts and distributing them as best we could. As time progressed, the Lord moved us along and took us into the ministry of deliverance. The warfare message became more real as we opened up to public ministry and began casting devils out of so many Christians who came, desperate for help. From that, the concept of ACMTC emerged, as the Lord greatly burdened us for missions and for those who needed desperately the Word of God and the understanding of spiritual warfare. From those initial days of mission travels, and the distribution of teaching materials world wide free of charge, the growth of ACMTC has been tremendous. We do not try to establish that which is stagnant, but we desire to see men and women, boys and girls, move with God and obey the commands and call of God. Far too many organizations are concerned with their own profile, their own ambition, rather than the souls of the perishing. Therefore entirely too much time, materials, money and human resources are wasted in building up organizations which are not flexible enough to really reach the vast multitudes who make up the endless mass of humanity, dying in their sins, blinded in their darkness, empty without the Saviour.

Receiving the Lord's burden for souls, we have tried to seek the Lord so that we did not just become one more missionary organization locked into our own culture. We prayed that whatsoever the Lord would use us to produce could be sent around the world freely in order to embolden others to become soldiers for the Lord, encouraging them to become the missionaries, the soldiers marching into the fields of battle. God has made a way for us every step of the way, and we are confident that His goodness will continue. The literature and teaching tapes have encouraged multitudes around the world to stand for the Living God, to dedicate fully unto Him and to go forth in His purposes and will. Consequently the glory goes to our God who is able far beyond what any of us would believe. When we have trusted Him we have never seen Him to let us down. Because we learned a long time ago that we do not set up the program, but God has the preeminence, and we must wait upon Him and do what it is that He wants. Now there are distributors, frontline soldiers, and libraries throughout even many remote regions of the world. The videos and tapes are played in villages, alongside highways, in buses, wherever and however the message can go forth.

God has also greatly blessed the Aggressive Message through the medium of radio. Starting out small with only 2 messages a week on a local AM station, Battle Cry Sounding has now expanded around the world and is heard many hours a day on 5 major shortwave stations (times and frequencies are listed back on homepage). Battle Cry Sounding has always been controversial, and the Aggressive Message was initially kicked off the air by some stations due to the complaints of angry church-goers. Nevertheless, we are more determined than ever to broadcast the truth around the world. Requests continue to arrive in response to messages heard on radio.

The inventiveness of the soldiers of the Lord world wide is a joy to behold, for men and women, boys and girls, have been activated to become aggressive in their belief and witness for Christ. We do not advise God's people to die sitting stagnant on the church bench, but to march forward and wage an active warfare against the enemy to rescue the perishing from the grips of hell.

We continue to see the ACMTC vision spring to life in countless multitudes, and to us this is our joy. For it was through the Spirit that we came alive in Him, and it is through the same Spirit that men and women, boys and girls, will continue to go forth in the name of Jesus, declaring who He is unto lost generations. The seed was planted, the hope was received, and the God who multiplies continues to bring forth the witness of His truth. The same words of life that God gives to us, we freely give to others, and there is no end to His glorious revelation. As God continues to bring forth, let us rejoice that He is worthy to be believed, to be trusted, to be praised. ACMTC is nothing more than people believing in God and obeying His commands. It is not old and dusty and crusty, it is simply alive in the commanding presence of the Captain of our salvation. We believe that if the soldiers receive literature and tapes, and study the same, that they cannot help but get into battle for the Lord. And as the battle rages then they will inevitably know the Lord in greater ways and find Him to be able. The same God that we know, who has made a way for us, will make the way for all of those who believe. The story of ACMTC is simple: believe God, seek for His vision, obey His commands and see Him bring forth. Anyone around the world can be stirred and equipped, and souls may be won for the Kingdom of the Living God. God is bringing forth a Spirit people who will obey and see how great, how endless, how able is our God.

And Now--beyond our greatest expectations

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