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OXYMORONIC! CAN A CHRISTIAN BE A HOMOSEXUAL??? -Truncated Love: A Response to Andrew Marin’s Love Is an Orientation by Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D. Andrew Marin’s book, Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community (2009), has been gaining some traction in evangelical circles. Having just finished reading the book I am stunned that an evangelical press like InterVarsity would publish such a fatally flawed work... -NEW!!
CHARACTER ATTACK! Marin's Response To Gagnon's Critique. "Little did I know when I wrote 'Truncated Love: A Response to Andrew Marin’s Love Is an Orientation,' that the reaction of Marin and his followers would itself become something to assess. Marin has responded to my critique with a character attack and a circle-the-wagons approach..." -NEW!!
ATTENTION! New "Ruptured Rapture" Booklets--and MORE!! All your questions about the "Rapture" and many more are answered in this series of booklets and video/audio messages. Write for your FREE materials today! -NEW!!
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Prisoners for Christ Newsletter ---Men and women prisoners-STAND STRONG FOR JESUS in Satan's territory! Helpful articles from LIFE FORCE TEAM! -NEW!!
Read about God's MIRACLE RIVER OF LIFE! -God's Miracle River of HEALING and DELIVERANCE is flowing! Read many Prophetic Words about God's Miracle River here. -NEW!!
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All Tribes Indian Newsletter -ACMTC Missionaries offer monthly newletter for Indians of all tribes.
Drinkers and Drunkards--WELCOME TO HELL! -Do Christians need to drink? Many informative articles exposing the hateful, destructive plague of alcohol. ORDER YOUR FREE BOOKLET TODAY!
Militancy and Miracles-Teaching Series -New Holy Ghost filled 5 part series. -Gen. Jim.
Acts of the HOLY GHOST!-Teaching Series -God is still doing mighty ACTS by the power of His Spirit! -Gen. Jim.
FROM THE MAILBAG. -Feedback From Friends, Foes, and confused, with Enlightening Comments By General Jim.

ACTS OF THE SPIRIT -General Deborah
#9: Cruel Shepherds; Jesus -The Chief, caring shepherd.
#189: Beware of False Human Compassion Concerning the Judgments of God.
#213: Let us declare the truth in boldness every chance we get.
#245: Only believe and you can do what Jesus did!
#246: God wants a Spirit people Who will walk with Him.
#250: We fail to receive because we fail to believe.
#251: In order to have God's protection, we must be in right standing with Him.

ATTENTION! New "Ruptured Rapture" Articles!! --These NEW articles by General Jim and Dave McPherson deal specifically with the "Pretrib Rapture" LIE and all the encompassing FALSE DOCTRINES that surround it. Will there really be a rebuilding of the Jewish Temple? Is there really a "Great Tribulation" coming for the Jews? Is Christ coming FOR His saints (in a "secret Rapture") or WITH His saints?
ATTENTION! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? --General Jim's New Series of Teachings addresses this very question. Write and request the titles on this list today!
ATTENTION! Do You have the AFFLUENZA DISEASE? --This collection of articles from members of Miracle River Ekklesia Community exposes the STUFF AND THINGS GOD for the LIAR it is.
STINKING ROTTING CORPSE -Part 1, -Part 2, -Part 3, -Part 4, -Part 5, -Part 6, -Part 7, -Part 8; Supplementary Articles: -Part 9, -Part 10 --ONE OF THE MOST OBVIOUS FEATURES of current/contemporary idolatry is that it ROTS the moral fiber of societies, both spiritually and emotionally.
FLOWER POWER --THE 60's REVOLUTION CHANGED THE COURSE OF THE WORLD! This NEW informative article examines the major influences that drove that Revolution: how they infiltrated the youth, destroyed society, and continue to do so. You will see that the only solution to the pollution is Jesus Christ the Lord. -NEW!!
UNDERGROUND: Note on the 60's Revolution --The follow-up article to "Flower Power." This short article presents more specific information on the revolution that destroyed America and much of the modern world. -NEW!!
"EVIDENCE" ministry condemns GLAAD --Gay activists are painting themselves as victims while our nation's school children are being assaulted. EVIDENCE ministry fights back.
The Whole Picture --A comical story illustrating an important truth -Before you decide to go Satan's way you better look at the WHOLE PICTURE!
The Idolatry of Thuggery --"Thuggery", driven mainly thru rap music, has infiltrated today's youth, even "Christian", destroying innumerable souls. Discover the roots of "thuggery". Supplement to the "Stinking Rotting Corpse" series.
The Superiority of Jesus -No human or natural law could bind Him or hold Him down!
Read all about DEMONIC FRUIT in the Body of Christ. Several articles about how to walk in discernment and recognize the difference between the true moves of God and the false. (Todd Bentley exposed here.)
Powerful testimony of ex-lesbian Charlene Cothran -Jesus rescues a militant gay rights advocate. Thank God for miracles!
False Charity -Why have church leaders failed to rebuke sin and sinners? Find out here!
Tenting among the Indians -2007! -Come join us for REVOLUTIONARY meetings in the big white tent!
Former Arch-Enemy, DON L., DIES. -Read the “UPDATE” about Don L. at the end of “Kidnaping the People of God”.
Discover God's HOLY TRIBAL NATION! -Articles about life in God's Holy Tribal Nation.
Get Tough For 2007 Series! -Away with Babylon religion and Politically Correct compromise!
Teacher killed by Muslim students! -Typical example of ISLAMIC TOLERANCE.
A Sign of Peace -Read about the MIRACLE DEER STORY!
The MIRACLE DEER returns!-We are blessed once again by God's sign of peace as Deer Darling returns for a couple days.
All that He has -The paltry 10% tithe is a disgrace. IT'S TIME TO GIVE ALL! -Gen. Deborah
Continually Community -God tells us prophetically why He wants His people in community. (with note by General Deborah)
25 Glorious Years! -ACMTC from 1982 to 2007. It's been an interesting and trying journey. -Gen. Jim.
Which way are you running? -The winds of adversity are blowing-are you running TO or FROM the battle? -Gen. Jim.
The WAY, The TRUTH, The LIFE! -Short exhortation on the unique and POWERFUL CLAIMS of our Savior -Gen. Jim.
The old out--The new in! -All is well and victorious here at Internationsl Headquarters -Gen. Jim.
Who will you die for? -An aggressive, thought-provoking challenge to young people!-Gen. Jim.
Defending the faith -Biblical Christianity is taking a beating world-wide.-Gen. Jim.
Repentance-Deliverance-REVOLUTION! -Gen. Deborah.
Time Has Come! -Gen. Jim.
Pathological Antagonists. -Gen. Jim.
BIGOTS! -Gen. Jim.
Stand up for Jesus! -Gen. Jim.
Church Weary? -Gen. Jim.
The Desultory Way. -Gen. Jim.
Par Excellence. -Gen. Jim.
Sacrifice--Excellent or Poor. -Gen. Jim.
GOD'S BOOT CAMP #1. -Gen. Jim.
It's time for REVOLUTION! -Gen. Jim.
Manifested Soldiers. -Gen. Jim.
RAISED UP! -Gen. Jim.
Royal Proclamation. -Gen. Jim.
Storm the gates of HELL! -Gen. Jim.
That Awful Day. -Gen. Jim.
When finis is written to time. -Gen. Jim.
Why Uniforms? -Gen. Jim.
What are you waiting for? -Gen. Jim.
Time is Running out, but are YOU Running?. -Gen. Jim.
They Glorified God in Me. -Gen. Jim.
The Weapons of our Warfare. -Gen. Jim.
The Missionary Task. -Gen. Jim.
The Lamb of God. -Gen. Jim.
The Good, Bad, and Ugly! -Gen. Jim.
Acts and Miracles of the Holy Ghost! #1 -Gen. Jim.
Acts and Miracles of the Holy Ghost! #2 -Gen. Jim.
Miracle-Working Army -Gen. Jim.
We Must Not be Ignorant of Satan's Devices -Gen. Jim.
You snooze, You Lose! -Gen. Jim.
Time for Renewal -Gen. Jim.
The Nobility of Wrath #1 -Gen. Jim.
The Nobility of Wrath #2 -Gen. Jim.
I don't like your method -Gen. Jim.
Shame On You! -Gen. Jim.
Walk The Walk -Gen. Jim.
The Anti Missionary Force -Gen. Jim.
Yahweh Decrees Punishment -Truth about the Tsunami -Gen. Jim.
Eight souls and a MIRACLE! -Mstr. Sgt. Amos River.
Spiritual Thundershowers -Gen. Jim, BC 173
Every Christian A Missionary -Gen. Jim, BC 173
Pagan Invasion -Gen. Jim, BC 173
Ready Sandals -Gen. Jim, BC 173
I Must Preach -Gen. Jim, BC 173
The Most Worthy Crusade -Gen. Jim, BC 173
Above and Beyond -Gen. Jim, BC 173
Communism and Humanism--Bedfellows! -Gen. Jim, BC 173
Means of Communism -Mstr. Sgt. Amos River, BC 173

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