The U.S. and other nations are currently fighting Islamic Terrorism. Communism is still showing its ugly face. No doubt, Islam is a religion of the sword; no doubt, Communism is a murderous system; and many different groups are taking action against these evils. However, the greatest and most important war is to labor directly for souls to be redeemed from an impending, eternal Hellfire.

Freeing souls from the horrid bondage of SIN, DEATH, and ETERNAL DAMNATION is the most worthy crusade. Muhammad's false religion and Marx's wicked ideology are systems that enslave people's bodies, souls, and spirits; and so, we must expose these evils and rescue the souls that are enslaved by them. Once we help save souls, we must help train souls. This job of saving, equipping, and training up souls can only be done by the move of the Spirit.

Jesus Christ ALONE can free souls from eternal death (separation from God); for He conquered death, sin, and Satan. He is not some distant god or oppressive ideology, but a loving Savior. He is with us in the Holy Bible, He is with us in Spirit, for He is Immanuel, literally meaning, "God with us."

The war for souls will no doubt go on until the end of time. Discussion, dialogues, debates will continue between Muslims, Communists, and Christians. Although some religions have common roots or may meet together on some points, there is no true meeting place for Christianity and all else: the differences between Islam, Communism, and Christianity make for enormous gaps--unpassable gaps.

Don't let anyone, especially Muslims, tell you that Islam and Christianity are alike. Islam rejects Christ and His redeeming grace. Islam traps souls under rigid, unmerciful, unGodly laws and satanic powers (some of which are very subtle). Jesus Christ is THE TRUE PROPHET, THE ONE TRUE GOD IN FLESH. Muhammad was a false prophet, a mere sinner, a man, who started his own insane religion.

Islam offers no eternal salvation; only enslavement, fear, and oppression. Human rights are violated, and killing for Allah (the moon god) is considered an honor. The Qur'an may occasionally speak good about Jesus, Christianity, and Christians; but, in other places, the Qur'an tells Muslims to hate and kill Christians. The book is a literal mess, a maze of confusion! Communistic writings are no better; maybe worse, being atheistic and completely materialistic.

Choose which one you will serve: Muhammad, the sinner, the founder of a violent, insane religion; Marx, a backslider, a God-hater, a vengeful and vindictive, bitter man, who intentionally deceived people; or Jesus Christ, the sinless Savior, God in flesh, who leads us by His gracious and merciful Spirit, and who lets us engage in the most worthy crusade--warring for the salvation of souls. ~General James Green

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