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Teaching The Holy Tribal Way Of Life

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Tribal Curriculum is a unique, revolutionary course of instruction inspired by the Holy Spirit to teach the often missing or neglected, yet critically important truths pertaining to God's Kingdom. Designed especially for the young, yet beneficial for all ages, Tribal Curriculum will be a powerful addition to your educational resources. Combined with your prayers and the Holy Spirit's anointing, Tribal Curriculum could prove to be the key that opens your child's heart and mind to the wisdom of God--something worth more than all the money you have. Best of all, like everything God offers us, it's free!

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-Full Description-

To begin, we must say that the Holy Spirit is the primary motivating force behind Tribal Curriculum and everything connected with it. We take no glory or credit. It is only by the grace and mercy of God that we have been able to accomplish anything of lasting value. Tribal Curriculum is not necessary for salvation, it is only given at the command of the Spirit to help strengthen and encourage others as they grow in God's Kingdom. Because God has been so gracious and merciful to give us His Living Word on a daily basis, we in turn want to give God the preeminence and control in all things, making the treasures He has given us available to others that they may benefit.

Tribal Curriculum is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, revolutionary course of instruction designed, at the direction of the Spirit, to meet a need and fill a gap. Coming from a typical church background, and having dealt with many typical church people, we have come to understand that the majority of modern Christians are ignorant concerning many important truths of God's Kingdom. Most importantly, it is our desire to make people realize that God still speaks to an obedient and humble people. In fact, a vital part of Tribal Curriculum is to set forth the truths God has spoken to us through His living Spirit Word. We call this provision Our Daily Bread.

We do not claim to have new revelations. In fact God has made us aware that the wisdom He has blessed us with is not new but ancient. Since the time of the Apostles much wisdom and spiritual truth has been covered, buried, corrupted and lost. The forces of religion, secular government, compromise, and worldliness have steadily worked to undermine, dismantle, degrade and destroy the fundamental truths upon which God's Kingdom is built. Nevertheless, no matter how desperately fallen humans and the forces of evil work to destroy the truths of God's Kingdom, they will never succeed. These truths are eternal and come from God. They may be buried, corrupted, and forgotten, but they will never be destroyed. Teaching these truths is what Tribal Curriculum is about.


Looking back over the record of history, we see that God has always had, and will always have, an obedient people to whom He entrusts His truth. We are privileged in our generation to be counted among that people. We do not claim to be better or special, we only strive to be attentive and obedient--no matter the cost. God is faithful, for if we will humble ourselves and stay open before Him He will not leave us in the dark as to how we must live and what we must do to please Him. As more and more are realizing, God's people around the world are being consumed by sin. Many important truths have been buried, and for all practical purposes, lost.. With God's help we are uncovering them once again. The standard of God's holiness has fallen. With God's help we are raising it up. The way of living as God's Holy Tribal Nation has virtually fallen into non- existence. With God's help we are practicing that way of life once more. This is both the purpose and goal of Tribal Curriculum: to help those who care train their children up in the wisdom of God that they may be blessed.

Tribal Curriculum is meant to fill in the gaps left by missing Spirit truths that have been long forgotten, terribly corrupted and perverted, or buried by religion and the traditions of men. We have never, nor will we ever, lay claim to all there is to know about God. In fact, throughout the course of instruction we draw from the work of many dedicated men and women who have laid their lives down to preserve and spread God's Word. Nevertheless, what knowledge we do have is not just head knowledge. It has been gained through the school of experience and obedience, not to forget the merciful blessings of God. We believe that if this course of instruction is received in prayerful humility, with an open heart before God, that it will bring blessings and increased power in the lives of those who incorporate it. Tribal Curriculum has been organized and arranged, keeping the school setting and limitations in mind, in order to best help those who desire to benefit from the truths contained in it. The teaching and living of these truths in order to preserve them and pass them on to following generations is of the utmost importance. In fact it is God's command that we do so. Of course, Tribal Curriculum is only one part of the daily school instruction, yet we believe it is the most important part.

As we often point out, there are many highly educated, academic geniuses burning in Hell because they did not bear the fruit of a truly regenerated, born-again life. There are also multitudes rejoicing in the presence of Jesus who never learned to read or write during the course of their lives, yet sincerely loved Jesus and endured to the end. The point is that academics must take second place to spiritual instruction and the perfecting of holiness in the child's life. It is our desire that God would raise up and encourage more and more people around the world to institute and establish the Holy Tribal way of life. These truths have been entrusted to us for an important reason. It is our duty and responsibility to teach them to our children, and, most importantly, be living examples of these truths for generations to come.


  • To satisfy the demand and desire of God for an obedient people.
  • To make it unmistakably clear that God still speaks to an attentive and obedient people.
  • To uncover and reinstate buried, forgotten and corrupted truths of God's Kingdom.
  • To raise the high and holy standards of God's Kingdom that have fallen.
  • To reinstate the Holy Tribal way of life.
  • To bless, strengthen and encourage God's people around the world.
  • To preserve the truths of God's Kingdom for generations to come.


Although Tribal Curriculum was created with school children in mind, it is by no means limited to them. It can be used just as effectively to revolutionize the lives of church going Christians. In fact, we pray that the truths presented in Tribal Curriculum would be used by Spirit-led leaders to transform churches into Holy Tribal Ecclesias. By the mercy of God it can be done. Just as the only requirement for the Gospel to do its miraculous work in our lives is acceptance and understanding, so it is with Tribal Curriculum. The only requirements are an open heart, a humble spirit, and a willingness to let Jesus take His rightful position as Lord of our lives. Yes, Tribal Curriculum is meant for Christians. True, the unsaved can benefit from the truths of God's Kingdom, but without a doubt, a born-again life under the Holy Spirit's direction is needed to fully understand and benefit from Tribal Curriculum.

There are no age limitations for instruction in Tribal Curriculum. We believe that the younger a child is taught the principles of God's Kingdom the better. As soon as the child can perceive and understand the teacher he can begin learning. Do not ever think that it is a waste of time to drill and lecture even the youngest on the laws and principles of God's Kingdom. Of course the methods and content used in teaching Tribal Curriculum will change and adjust as the students grow and mature in the Lord. Yet one thing will remain: the personal nature of Tribal Curriculum.

Whether young or old, the students will realize that the truths contained in Tribal Curriculum are more than "just another boring lecture," but they are matters of life and death and will affect the student accordingly depending on how they are received. We must stress again that Tribal Curriculum is Spirit- led instruction, teaching the truths and principles of life in God's Kingdom. It is not based on carnal understanding or unstable human values. TC is based on the unchanging, everlasting wisdom of our God. It naturally follows that our future will be shaped by our attitude towards these truths. Spirit Life comes with acceptance. Death is the reward for the rejection of God's way.

Generally, the older someone grows without the Lord, the more blockages and points of resistance can build up. Yet anyone, no matter their age, can accept the truth and wisdom of God with joy and benefit from it. Unfortunately, humans are notorious rebels against God. Many times we miss out on what God has for us because of inward resistance. Teaching old dogs new tricks is not easy, but it can be done if the dog wants to learn. Praise God that humans are not animals, governed only by instinct. We were created with a free will, and we can choose to embrace God's wisdom, letting it shape our lives if we so desire.

In short, Tribal Curriculum is for everyone and anyone. Hardly anyone is too young, and no one is too old to benefit from the instruction. The point that ultimately determines the degree someone benefits is their attitude towards it. How much each student gains from Tribal Curriculum is up to them. We pray that all those who use this course will try their best to have a good attitude and an open heart to God's truth and instruction.


  • Designed for, but not limited to, school age students. Christians from all walks of life and all age groups can benefit from TC. The only requirement is an open and willing heart.
  • Designed for, but not limited to, born again Christians, yet both saved and unsaved can benefit from TC.


Just as our Christian life should be filled with ongoing instruction, correction and Spiritual wisdom, so should Tribal Curriculum be viewed as an open- ended, ongoing course of instruction. The goal is not just to finish the course, but to understand it, growing in the perfection of holiness by the power of the Holy Spirit. Even if only for a short season, it is our prayer that contact with Tribal Curriculum will make a lasting impression on the student's life. Following are brief descriptions of some of the major components of Tribal Curriculum. For a complete listing of the entire curriculum and suggested plan for daily use please request the 5 year outline.

Sustaining Bread is the abundant flow of God's communication to an obedient people; full of important principles and profound truths. By expanding on and discussing the contents of Sustaining Bread a little at a time much treasure is gained. It has been paid for by the sacrifices of the faithful servants of God who desire to maintain continual, close communication with the Lord. It is Sustaining Bread that sets Tribal Curriculum apart as truly unique.

Parables, Proverbs, Psalms, The Gospels & Epistles. With the Holy Spirit's anointing, God's Word is an endless treasure house of wisdom and truth.

After the Daily Bread and the Bible we have the main units of TC such as: Junior Cadet Curriculum; Marks of Wisdom; Foundational Truths (not finished); Fool's Friends; Guiding Principles; The Rules. These make up the bulk of Tribal Curriculum. Also included are other subjects that merit in-depth study such as: Idolatry; Spiritual Warfare; Witchcraft; Diet/Health; Child Raising; Apologetics; Christian Patriotism; Ecclesia Living; plus more. These units are not intended to be passed out to the students, but instead they are meant to serve as guiding outlines which will help the teacher do the best job they can. As the teacher reads through the units they will find they prove to be jumping off points for hours worth of quality spiritual lecturing and instruction.

It soon becomes apparent that the teacher, under the anointing of the Spirit, becomes the key that unlocks the minds of the students that God may fill them with His wisdom. We cannot stress it enough that the teacher, above all else, must continually cry out to God, pleading for His help and covering as they recognize the wonderful privilege they have been given. With God's merciful help it can be done!

Tribal Curriculum is meant to be a tool that will help the teacher in this most important task--raising up strong Christian soldiers that live by the wisdom of God and fight valiantly for His Kingdom.

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