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"The Anti-Missionary Force"
by General James Green

JESUS was a missionary. He constantly spoke of Himself as the messenger sent by the Father to a LOST world. John 20:21 says, "As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you." We know that the SENDING of His disciples was not an isolated command: it was not for His first disciples alone, but it was a universal command for ALL the disciples of Christ in every generation.

The book of Acts, the 5th book of the New Testament, could properly be named "The Acts of Christ's Missionaries." It is said that the term "Missions" implies three essential factors: 1) one who sends; 2) one who is sent; 3) one to whom the sent one goes. For Christ, we know that the true missionary does not go to teach and preach at his or her own initiative, but the missionary is a commissioned agent of the One who sent him. The more absolutely the missionary represents Christ, and the more wisely and faithfully (by the Holy Spirit's power) he conveys His message, the more perfectly does he fulfill his missionary calling--to glorify God.

"Proclamation" is not done in private. Our calling and missionary message is not a private or commonplace matter. Moreover, it is meant to carry authority in the Spirit. Thus our proclamation must not be watered down, toned down, and/or made to fit into a liberal, politically correct mold. The teacher/preacher/missionary is called to "cry aloud and spare not!" Sadly, true proclamation is done less and less these days. The "clarion notes" of the pure Gospel message have been changed over the years. In fact, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ has been re-imaged, re-arranged, and retired to such a gross extent that the Gospel is now man-centered, self-centered, rather than Christ-centered.

In years gone by, Christians had a clear spiritual vision. Missionary societies looked upon the overwhelming, unfinished missionary task. They saw the lopsided proportions of unsaved men versus saved men, and they looked toward the lands that needed to be evangelized while also remembering the lands that had already been missionized and yet still needed to be guarded and kept by the truth. But now...our generation scoffs at and even despises the Christianization of pagan lands. Men are telling us that we should have never "destroyed" the pagan cultures. What? Pagans live in idolatry! adultery! murder! Pagans take the lives of others in every imaginable way. Tribal wars, drunkenness, drug addiction, slavery--sin rules the pagan peoples. And Christians have "destroyed" the pagan cultures by bringing them Jesus Christ who alone can free souls from sin?

Yes, we live in a time when we have too much time to criticize those dear saints that laid down their lives for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have too much time to mock the light that literally changed the WHOLE world for the better. Great darkness covered the Earth and Christ brought light. Everything changed for the better because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. NOTHING became worse because of it.

"The more absolutely the missionary represents Christ, and the more wisely and faithfully (by the Holy Spirit's power) he conveys His message, the more perfectly does he fulfill his missionary calling--to glorify God."

Soldiers of the Cross throughout the centuries have faced prejudice and hatred in hostile heathen communities. They still face these things. What's worse, now more than ever, we Christians have to face a hostile "Christian" religious community. We face a bunch of religious hypocrites who hate the Word and the proclamation of the Gospel. How ridiculous!--These "Christians" work against God in the name of God.

We who "go into all the world and preach the Gospel" expect pagans to act like pagans. We do not expect them to act like born-again Christians. But when "Christians" act like pagans, then the Church is in trouble! We expect the forces of Hell to oppose us, for the forces of darkness do not want to surrender to God's forces of light (although they must!). But when so-called Christians oppose us, then the Church is Hellbound!

Once the door is open for the Gospel of Christ, we must keep guard, for then the sinister religious forces of "liberalistic doctrine" will try to enter in. These religious forces take the fullest advantage of every opportunity to infiltrate, and their invasion is obvious in these backslid times. Where the Gospel once won the field, evil religious forces have gushed in like a fast, steady stream, and all the moral vices of godless civilizations have now flooded out God's righteous standard. All the deadly poison of perverted teachings--under the guise of Christian doctrine--and all the subtle fallacies of modern cultic beliefs, have become commonplace in the churches and therefore increasingly in the world. Friends, this "liberal" poison is making innumerable souls sick.

All one has to do is come to America to understand why I write about these issues. The pure Gospel of Christ has been perverted by doctrines of devils and the polluted versions of it are being expounded by men and women who have much religious zeal. The latest doctrinal craze, of course, is the acceptance of same-sex unions and marriages for those both in and out of the pulpit. People's hatred for righteousness and their exaltation of unrighteousness is astounding, and it's all coming from the various church denominations.

So, in addition to all the outside forces of false religions, this "liberalism" is working within the ranks of the church and in turn effects the missionary task. It works to cause grievous injury to everyone, not sparing young or old, the inexperienced or experienced. Doctrinal perversions are weakening the whole course of missions. They malign the call to "take Jesus to ALL the world." Some might call the prevailing demons "modernism" or "liberalism," but their evil intent is to ultimately and absolutely do away with Godly standards and moral absolutes. When their goal is accomplished, then, they imagine, man can become God! Is not this plan as ancient as Satan himself?--"Ye shall be as gods" (Genesis 3:5). Of course, these "gods" reject the historic interpretation of God's Holy Word, in favor of a "rationalistic" one based upon modern scientific and religious theories that are generally shaped by evolutionary doctrine, even though evolution has been proven false over and over again. Yet men love lies.

Historically, the attacks against the church, against Christianity itself, have most often come from skeptics outside of the Church. Now, however, they are often coming from too many skeptics within the Church itself. This has brought about destructive Biblical criticism and a new theology, a wrong theology, which has spread to an appalling extent--even into most pulpits, Bible colleges, and theological seminaries. And now, thru the putrid product of these liberalistic centers of learning (really, unlearning), the poison is spreading. False and fatalistic doctrines have sprouted in "Christian" circles and have reached the mission fields, bringing sharp division in the missionary ranks.

How can people be so blind to sin? How can Christians go to, say, Africa, and tell the people that homosexuality is God's gift while millions are infected with HIV/AIDS and adultery and fornication are totally out of control? Millions have died and millions are waiting their turn to die. Meanwhile, Christians are feeding them more death. The pro-perversion doctrines are just one group of liberal teachings, mind you. All I can say is that it is time to withstand this demonic infiltration before it becomes a demonic domination. We must stand against the pro-perversion doctrines, the "get rich" doctrine, the "once saved, always saved" doctrine and all the other un-Biblical doctrines and beliefs.

We here at ACMTC will keep declaring the truth. We will continue to declare that the consciences of the modern Christians need to be roused, for they have been long neglected and polluted by the prevailing sinister forces. Yes, the Church is terribly guilty of sinning! Sins are of Satan. Sins must not be called "Christian."

This present age seems to be one of humanistic sympathy and kindness (with underlying spite and hatred), but we here at ACMTC really care about the lost pagans and the sinning Church, for we feed both and we pray for both and we do this because we DO CARE. In the course of caring, liberalism in all its permissiveness cannot be tolerated, for it will eventually DAMN the souls that Christ died to FULLY redeem.

Nothing more deplorable could be imagined than to hold back "the sword that cuts and the fire that burns." We must fight against the sinister forces--the forces that repudiate the very holy foundations of the Christian faith and substitute a "new gospel" of liberalism and humanism. Can RELIGIOUS MAN improve upon the blood-bought salvation? the ethical teachings of Christ? the divine grace and regenerating power of God? Only God and His power have brought forth and continue to bring forth mighty transformations in human lives. Millions have been made anew.

"Yes, the Church is terribly guilty of sinning! Sins are of Satan. Sins must not be called 'Christian.'"

Liberal teachings and practices cannot, in any measure, please the LORD, of whom it is said, "Thy WORD is TRUE from the beginning: and EVERY one of Thy righteous judgments endureth forever" (Psalm 119:160). Changing God's standards of conduct will not change God. He will continue to feel the same about the sins that the modern Church indulges in. He will continue to hate sin! Jesus said in Matthew 24:35, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My WORDS shall not pass away." Jesus dealt with both lost sinners and religious sinners, and He never once condoned ANY sin or sins. First Peter tells us that "the WORD of the Lord endureth forever" (I Peter 1:25; Peter was quoting Isaiah 40:8). How foolish and rebellious it is for anyone to build his life or his church upon something other than the truth! How foolish for a man to entrust his soul to anything other than the Holy Word of God!

It is a fact that within these so-called "progressive" churches, the people have a cold indifference, even a suspicious attitude, towards the infallible Word of God. These modern Christians blaspheme God with their beliefs. They reek of rebellion.

"Changing God's standards of conduct will not change God. He will continue to feel the same about the sins that the modern Church indulges in. He will continue to hate sin!"

The modernistic trend of discarding sound Biblical doctrine and practice is producing spiritual corruption in people's hearts. It is curtailing missionary support and stamping out missionary zeal. People are not giving sacrificially any more. People are not really praying for missionaries and mission work.

Souls languish and perish all around us while the Church spends countless days, weeks, months, even years debating the sin of homosexuality ALONE! The harvest that needs attention is being wasted. Too few are "out there." Too few are even supporting those who are "out there."

Dear Christian reader, it wasn't too many years ago that the LOST condition of the heathen and the reality of undiscipled converts constituted an unquenchable missionary zeal in the hearts of true believers. But real zeal is almost all gone. IT'S TRUE! Now the sickly Church dwells upon the benefits of faith for self. No one wants to face the consequences of frontline duty. Frontline duty is feared rather than embraced. Where have all the Christian soldiers gone? Sadly, too many Christians are just like the heathen, willfully living in sinful indulgences and gross sins of every sort. Therefore, this modern Church must be visited with the penalty for her sins. For rebellion has all but cut the nerve of missionary zeal.

A mighty, uncompromising spiritual revolution in the Church of Christ is the fundamental need in this hour. "THE SOLUTION TO THE POLLUTION IS REVOLUTION." The Church has been tardy to recognize her duty to "go ye into all the world...and make disciples." We can only pray that Jesus will shake things a bit.

We cannot afford to wait. THE CHURCH MUST PUT AWAY HER PET SINS, COME FORWARD IN CHRIST, AND DO HER PART--WITHOUT DELAY! Few will dispute the Biblical claim that "Jesus died for all!" but few do anything about that claim. We are not taking the Bible seriously today. I have always felt that I should impart to others what I myself have found to be personally valuable. Yet I know that not everyone sees things the way I see them. You see, too many shrink back from their duty to be a witness for Christ. Too many do not share the Gospel--the most valuable treasure any of us could receive.

The Bible declares that "God would have ALL men to be saved." Should we neglect God's desire? The Bible also tells us that ALL men should live soberly, righteously, and Godly in this PRESENT world. How can this be done when the Church has embraced the sinister forces, the demonic forces, that damn men's souls? If you are content to leave the heathen and the sinning believer in his miserable slavery to sin, you must be devoid of true Christian faith, spiritually empty, and especially without love for the glory of God.

The spirits of modern rationalism and liberalism are what I write against, for they defy Biblical truth. The hideous vices and sins of the rebellious Church must be exposed and forsaken, and the divine WORD and LAW of the Living God must once again be fully embraced and loved. Amen.

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