General James Green

THE APOSTLE PAUL, in his writing to the Romans, stated, "I am ready to preach the Gospel to you that are at Rome also" (1:15). Jesus stated in the Gospel of Luke, 4:43, "I MUST PREACH the Kingdom of God to other cities also."

"I MUST!" There was a "MUST" in the lives of Jesus and the Apostle Paul, as there should be in ALL the lives of God's children. Every decision they made was chosen in the light of God's will. Shall we not likewise be about our Father's business? Shall we not work the works of Him who has sent us? Is not this the term of our Great Commission?

Do we ever recall anywhere in the Scriptures where man or organization constrained Jesus to obey His Father? There was no one to say unto Him, "You must do this or that." No, not one person. And His circumstances did not constrain Him to obey either. The "I MUST PREACH" came from the depths of His heart. Is not this the real test of one's character? It is sad to say that merely a few of the LORD's professed vessels are ready to do His will when He calls upon them.

Have not most preachers gone in the way of pleasing the world? Do we not need most urgently men and women who do not care for the world's applause and have no fear of its disapproval, having set their faces, as did Jesus and Paul, steadfastly to obey a Voice which, though inaudible to others, speaks with quiet insistence to them, saying, "This is the WAY, walk ye in it"?

Dear readers, "Have we become so heard-hearted and dull of hearing that we lack to see the seriousness of our day and brevity of our opportunity?" This was asked years ago by a ready preacher. He went on to ask, "Are we as much in earnest as the communist?" I might add, "Are we as much in earnest as the Muslim? the 'cultist'? Are we gripped by our professed convictions, or are our convictions just lightly held opinions?"

I have personally seen in Africa, in Asia, and in Central America both communist and Muslim youth, both male and female, leave home and live in the fields of operations, facing death. On the other hand, I have seen the "Christians" in America and elsewhere live safely, well-fed, well-clothed, and intentionally well-away from the HARD PLACES!

The communists are willing to die for the supposed truths within their little red book. Likewise, as we all are very aware of today, the Muslims are willing to die for their Qur'an. Are we, dear Christians, ready to live or die--to bear witness--for our faith? Be honest, we as a Church have lost the challenge. It has so disappeared that it remains for the communists and Muslims to recover the power to live or die--to bear witness--for their false faiths! Cannot we honestly say in this hour and generation that the Church, for the most part, has unbuckled the belt of truth, laid aside her sword and shield, kicked off her sandals of the Gospel of peace, and plopped down in front of the one-eyed devil--the TV--and become a band of armchair soldiers? When we slack off reading and obeying the Bible with urgency and definiteness, leaving aside those common characteristics of noble Christians, our valor and willingness will disappear. Can anyone say AMEN?

Don't you think it is high time to REBEL AGAINST HELL? How long are we going to disgrace our loving Saviour? How long are we going to neglect the cries of our dear brothers and sisters who live daily under communist oppression and Islamic terrorism? How long will we let the invasion of the pagan into our churches, homes, schools, nations? The Christian faith should be predominant in every nation on Earth.

Jesus Christ is our point-man in this great offensive. As He advances towards the enemy strongholds of this war-zone called Earth, watch for His nail-scarred hands to halt us or wave us forward . . . for He knows when to stay and when to proceed. He has already won the fields of battle through His preaching and witness-bearing; now it is up to you and me to fulfill our commission. Let our preaching hit the intended targets; let the sword that cuts and the fire that burns do their intended jobs.

If you need ammunition for the war, just write us. We'll be happy to send you whatever we can. "I MUST PREACH!!"--Is this your battle cry? Amen.

"Christ has no hands but our hands

To do His work today;

He has no feet but our feet

To lead men in His way;

He has no tongue but our tongues

To tell men how He died;

He has no help but our help

To bring them to His side."

--Annie Johnson Flint

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