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TODAY (JAN. 15, 2009) the Lord spoke to me and my wife and said we must repent for our generation. He meant the 1960's generation. He told us that more people of our generation are already in Hell and will be in Hell than any other generation! That is real SCARY!!

     WE WERE THERE! Yes, both of us were there, in California, in the 1960's . . . hippies all the way.

Lost in Rebellion

SUPER HIPPIE Frank Zappa, of the “Mothers of Invention” fame, shouted the following to the then “straight” establishment: “We will play our music in rock-‘n’-roll marching bands as we TEAR DOWN the jails and free the prisoners [many were in jail on drug-related charges, plus!], as we TEAR DOWN the State schools and free the students, as we TEAR DOWN the military bases and arm the poor [Communistic talk], as we tattoo ‘BURN BABY BURN!’ on the bellies of the wardens and generals and create a ‘NEW SOCIETY’ from the ashes of our fires.” So, the “60's Revolution” got underway—burning, crashing, dashing, bashing everything sacred, holy and “straight” that got in our way. Free love, lots of dope, lots of violence . . . spelled “REVOLUTION”!


Flower Power


     Things started off pretty mellow; even the Grateful Dead sang about “love” (the band’s name came from a collection of folk ballads by Francis Child). The Jefferson Airplane followed. And so on . . .

     Jerry Garcia’s Grateful Dead epitomized the “flower-power” era—Acid Folk/Rock. Janis Joplin, with Big Brother and the Holding Company, were certainly flower hippies who took lots of LSD, smoked pounds of grass and drank rot-gut alcohol—this finally killed the ol’ drunken gal that could “move crowds”. All three were San Francisco Rock bands that were instrumental in getting the revolution moving.


The 60's

THE “60's” is merely the name we give to a disruption of “late-capitalist ideological and political hegemony, to a disruption of the bourgeois dream of unproblematic production, of everyday life as the bureaucratic society of controlled consumption”; it denotes “the END of history.” By “late capitalism” we mean “the end-of-time, and space as its replacement.”

     Really, the struggle between the hippie revolutionaries and the “straights” was over the ideological state apparatuses, which we felt were oppressive and “burned-out”; therefore “worthless”—this went for religion, too . . . especially Christianity.

     Black, red, hippie “POWER”! . . . each had its own agenda. Many just liked the “action to revolution” and “free sex” aspect; they had no cause. In this crisis, “tearing down” was FUN . . . so we all thought. God let us have OUR WAY—now the fruits of our labor cannot be denied.



SEX AND race became historical subjects. The blacks wanted equal rights, the “New Feminism” came to the forefront, all followed later by the “gay rights” movement. “Cultural relations,” deformalization of dress (no shoes, no clothes at times!, long hair/beards for men, etc.), daily bathing considered inhuman!, and the infiltration of expletives into ordinary middle and upper middle-class speech became common; the “F” word was most popular.


Rolling Stones

BRITISH ROCK, along with American Rock, added icing on the cake. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and others “grooved” together. Bob Dylan, the Band, Velvet Underground . . . all had their share of the cake too. But Hard Rock/Acid Rock told it all: the “out of space” exhilaration and “fear of no return” drove millions into rebellion—deep rebellion. Separation from sanity and the comforts of suburbia comprised the battle cry of that generation, at least in the beginning. The “drug culture” was born! . . . the “New Mysticism” was also born: seekers for truth, outside traditional “church.”

     It is truly said, there was no need for encoded lyrics in the early days, as they became apparent later on—we were the “generation” that was going to “change the world!” . . . and we did!

     Amidst this insanity, many became “burn outs” on drugs; therefore many became preoccupied with health. Sadly, many died of overdoses, suicides, crime-related deaths; and many were plagued with sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Also, there was the rediscovery of communitarian ideas: hippie communes sprang up everywhere.


“Dead Head”

WE WERE “Dead Heads,” that is, passionate lovers of the Grateful Dead Rock group. We also liked Dylan, for he was more of a loner with a message, not just “sex and drugs.” Ones that were “there” know that REBELLION was at the root—core—heart of that counter-culture. It should not come as a surprise that before the Grateful Dead came into existence, they were known as “The Warlocks.” But “Rock” was only one style of music “The Dead” played: they also played folk, bluegrass, blues, country, even some gospel. But “psychedelia” and “space rock” were what they were known by most of all.



GOOD GOD! . . . the street scene was maddening. Crowded all the time, especially on weekends; one could hardly squeeze by. Seeing dead youth was not shocking, considering the enormous crowds. San Francisco became an “image-center” for hippies, as they say. I look back today, remembering how many died there, lost God there, got busted there, got diseased there, went crazy there . . . found Jesus there!


Back to the Dead

THE DEFINITION of “Grateful Dead” (from Britannica World Language Dictionary) is: “the soul of a dead person, or his angel, showing gratitude to someone who, as an act of charity, arranged their burial.” The name “Grateful Dead” appears in folktales in a variety of cultures.

     Trust me, the Bible has something very different to say about all this. The Bible teaches that the wicked (soul) will go into Hell eternally, while the soul of the righteous will go into Heaven eternally (write for our two free booklets on Hell). Doing the hippie Rock/drugs/sex/REBELLION thing will not land one in Heaven, but in Hell forever! This is why God asked us to REPENT for our generation. We can’t pray those souls out of Hell, but we might pray the ones headed there, out from going there!


Innovation to Rebel

MUSIC GAVE the innovation to the “rebel-like-Hell” attitude, and R-E-B-E-L we did; I know we did. We were hippies, doing what we were doing!

     The whole “flower-power” era succumbed to squabbles and “inner mini-wars,” and our music heroes succumbed to capitalism. Money and fame became their “god,” the same ol’ god that we hated America for. Many did remain impervious to greed to the end; many others were afflicted with disillusionment about the movement.

     We somehow thought that our “New Left” would bring in total and absolute sovereignty for the individual (whose voice had been “systematically silenced by ‘The Man,’” i.e., Big Brother, AKA, the U.S. Government). The “New Left” was supposed to empower the person (a number in the system!)—this was what we called “LIBERATION.” But this socialist liberation/REVOLUTION took many twists and turns: some good, some bad.

     This revolution, in man’s own words, was to recreate our “species-being.”


Personal Disillusionment

I BASICALLY grew up in a Christian home. My dad and mom were not Church people, but they did teach us out of the Bible. Both of them read the Bible dozens of times. So, for me, my conscience was always a “bother” concerning the sin/rebellion thing.

     My wife, on the other hand, was raised in a complete pagan household. Her father (a Sioux Indian) was a drinker and womanizer who later abandoned his family for other women and the bottle. So, when the hippie lifestyle “came on the scene” with brother/sister “love power,” she was hungry for a change.

     We met in 1971 in a “back-to-the-land” (Native American) movement, which was loosely connected to the American Indian Movement (AIM). Personal disillusionment with the “Flower Power” Movement caused me to seek inner healing of some sort.

     I was by then an anomaly—someone who, at the very height of the hippie movement (which was really the “New Left”), was beginning to see and believe that there was something fundamentally important within the “Christian religion” that should not entirely be abandoned!


Flower Power!

THE “FLOWER Power” Movement (or the “New Left”), we thought, was the genuine embodiment of “the BEST interests of the American people”—it did attract “idealists,” including many (young, middle-aged and older) who had been disillusioned with the assigned “status” in the “socio-economic American system.” If ever the “free” institutions of America were to be destroyed, the masses would be “free” indeed!...we thought. But this, of course, would result in anarchy, which would have to be brought under control by “us” or “the man,” by despotism!

     We “flower children” didn’t like the thought of authority, any authority, much less the thought of despotism of any kind—we wanted to “Make Love, Not War.”


To HELL with America!

AT THE root of “Make Love, Not War“ was war itself. But, of course, it is true that we were careful not to use the words “explode” and “struggle” in the ordinary sense, although such words could also refer to “inner feelings,” not just physical warfare. Yet as we all know, in retrospect, our movement was guided by frustrations, unrest, estrangements, discriminations and VIOLENCE!!



—AS IF we could really and truly determine our destiny! It sounded pretty good while high on drugs and inflamed with disdain for Americanism. We wanted “a place in the sun” to “do our own thing” (at the expenses of those who kept America going). We simply wanted the POWER, the political and economic POWER, to run our own lives.

     Isn’t this the same goal of this present generation? This “POWER” is still a pipe-dream and a distant goal. We all know that those in power currently want to run our lives and the lives of the whole world (as the One World Government). Our “civil rights” are about as worthless as “pig rights.”


Personal Liberty

EVEN IN God’s Kingdom, His subjects must have rules, regulations, standards to abide by. We cannot use our “personal rights” to flaunt in His face to get our own way.

     Civil rights are (or were!) the rights to “personal liberty” established by the 13th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, and certain other congressional acts; they must be understood “only in their social/economic context.” But we all know that the “powers that be” want Americans WITHOUT a single right EXCEPT “the right to work” (for THEM!).


Cult of Permissiveness

SIMON FRITH, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Univ. of Warwick, U.K., is a Rock critic (author of “Sound Effects”). He says that Britain’s 60's sickness was cultural; it was most clearly articulated by the “Cult of Permissiveness”—“public license, private indulgence, pleasure without consequence.” He points out that the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club” band represented a new movement of youth—classless and ageless. Their Pop Rock music was contemporary to Acid Rock. Their music was “nascent hippie ideology.” We were hardcore Beatles fans also—LSD and Sgt. Pepper went hand in hand, or I should say, hand to mouth.


Andy Warhal’s Velvet Underground

“WARHAL’S ‘PLASTIC Inevitable,’” wrote Frith, “turned out to be a bad condensation of all the bum trips of the Trips Festivals”! Velvet Underground really made us depressed, sometimes sick. Andy, of course, was bisexual. They were not Rock but a group of sickies whose music was not good: “loud, unpleasant riffs and repeated phrases.”

     Did their band name “Velvet Underground” mean a pleasant underworld? a place of softness (effeminacy)? If they refer to Hell, they are and were sadly mistaken. There is no pleasant, velvet place in Hell!


Flowery Ideals

WITH AMERICA’S new Prez, Obama, he has plenty of flowery ideals about the way America should be...and I’m afraid most are un-Christian and unethical. His political hypocrisy is matched only by his “spiritual vacuity.” But for many, Mr. Prez is the “messiah” (all in black!) that will liberate us. From what? He is lauded by the liberal media as “the man with the plan,” the embodiment of flowery ideals, with “plenty of integrity.” Really?



IT STILL happens. As I write, law enforcement and the military, under Prez Obama, will be given UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL orders to round up and PURGE ALL dissidents against the NWO (New World Order) crowd. It has been leaked out that this PURGE will be a systematic liquidation of ALL those identified as a threat against their Globalist Plan.


Tea Party

PAGE SMITH has a multi-volume “people’s history” of the American Revolution, “suggestively titled” A New Age Now Begins, which gives the background to what happened. Esther Forbes also has a book, Biography of Paul Revere, describing the background of the Boston Tea Party, which helped launch the Revolution.


New Tea Party

AS OF late, a “New Tea Party” has come on the scene. The people’s protest against the present administration has had some repercussions, though—all “Tea Party” participants have been filmed and their license plate information taken by FBI Special Agents in charge of all “Tea Party” rallies.

     This really isn’t new; they did this in the 1960's rallies. But those in power now are wiser than those in our day—they have plans for protesters.


Gun Control

FURTHERMORE, THE current regime has devoted massive amounts of $$ and Federal Spy Agency assets to identifying gun owners and those in the military who still love this country and take their oath seriously. LISTEN TO THIS!—ALL former combat vets, Special Forces, Green Berets, Delta, and Spec. Operations personnel are under surveillance. Why? Because you are a “TERRORIST”!

     Christians, Constitutionalists and average gun owners will fare no better. But let us put our trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is all part of God’s judgment upon this nation. Don’t forget this: It is God who is turning the “powers that be” against this sinful nation.


Rights? What Rights?

HOMELAND/DOMESTIC Security is now defined as “Quell ALL First Amendment rights.” Fear stalks the land [read our 3 key Judgment booklets: #1—“Under Judgment, Wrath, Mercy”; #2—(same title, Book 2); #3—“Plagues of God Unleashed”; these prophetic Words were given to us years ago and now are coming to pass as I write]. It is obvious that there is a “strained relationship” between the present government and the people. America might become acquainted with words like “forced,” “subjugation,” even “extermination” and “starvation.”


Christians Criminalized

WITH THE escalation of discrimination against any and all who hold Bible truths dear, laws will be passed in order to criminalize the believers. The NWO crowd wants to (HAS TO!) subjugate the Christians in one way or another. China couldn’t “get rid” of the Christians, so they made the State Church—who can preach only what the State allows. This naturally gave rise to the Underground (True) Church—those who remained under Christ’s authority. The State Church (under Communism) became a subordinate social “Church” while the Underground Church became a “criminal” Church in the eyes of the State. Persecution and prosecution followed. Membership in the State Church was and is voluntary, yet this “Church” remains Biblically INCORRECT.


Revolutionary Content

THE HOLY Bible is full of REVOLUTIONARY content—Jesus himself was a REVOLUTIONARY in the true sense of the word (we have booklets called the “Revolutionary Way” series which you might want to read). Most churchgoers know little, if nothing, about the revolutionary content of our sacred texts; these souls are basically dull, blind, and are materialists at heart.

     This stand I’m taking, dear ones, makes one unpopular with both Church and State! The Church and State in America will become more overtly hostile, but we here, as a people of God, are used to this (after 28 years of persecution!).



THE 60's was a time of suppressing the “oppressive status quo”—against blacks, women, the poor, Indians, etc. Race riots broke out, “sexist” roles were challenged, religion was questioned.

     So what’s new? Really nothing. Today the so-called homosexual (male/female/ transgender) “oppression” is being challenged; abortion, as a long-term menace to society, is still on the front lines of battle; the NWO or One World Government is trying to raise its ugly head, wanting to become the MASTER over ALL America (and the world). The blacks and other colors have their place in society now, the feminists their place, and the homos are still struggling. Hate-crime laws are now in place.

     The tone of the hour is not a happy one—ruthless critiques are neverending. Sadly, the “Christian” Church has fallen way behind in their mandate to seek and save the lost—and the “lost” are everywhere. The Church is playing Church while CHRISTLESS SOULS SCREAM THEIR WAY INTO EVERLASTING FLAMES. The “Church” is SICK! and refuses to fight the good fight of faith as it ought; rather it seeks the “good life” in the shadows of Sodom and Gomorrah. Facing the real enemies of Christ has become a very uncomfortable issue for most churchites—they would rather take it easy, grow FAT and LAZY, than contend for the Christian faith.

     The 60's and 70's challenged the white domination (of blacks, browns, reds, etc.), for ALL wanted to be equal, but the reciprocal response was slow in coming. The colors wanted the liberty to determine their own future, and so, riots and court battles ensued. Whites held all power in this country before all Hell broke loose. Now the Homosexual Movement (HM) is trying to copy the reds, browns and blacks, but their cause is ungodly—it has nothing to do with color/race, only with sexual perversions (write for my many booklets on this subject).



THE OBAMA Administration currently is ratifying revolutionary U.N. treaties, one of which intends to repeal ALL state laws restricting abortion. Why is Obama so thirsty for the pre-borns’ death? Why is he so bent on homosexual rights that, if passed, will change history forever?


Cultural Revolution

IS AMERICA ready for another Cultural Revolution...executing Christians, intellectuals, former combat vets? Will Obama demand his “subjects” to participate in ungodly parades and State demonstrations, praising the sickos and crazies that need to be institutionalized in crazy houses? Will he institute a type of Hitler’s Brown Shirts for the drug-induced youth of America? Will he call for a Red Guard type of brute force that will form a “Civilian National Security Force”?

     Many in this nation are watching this “messiah” warily. Yet God is giving Americans a last chance to “get right”—for America is “out-of-order.” Nevertheless, any and all who oppose “change” will be branded (tattooed?) as potentially “DANGEROUS” and as a “TERRORIST”! And what about the real Islamic extremists? They are not, as of yet, identified as “dangerous.”

     Only folks who hold to a (genuine) Christian belief, conservative philosophy, and who are hard-working and love their families, are identified as “DANGEROUS”! And what about all these “leftist” groups with their sick and perverted ideologies? They were instrumental in the 60's Revolution, but now that they are in power, they are quick to label their opponents to restrict their (the “opponents’”) freedoms.


Rabid to the Core!

THIS NATION has brought about its own woes and ills. Had it walked in the ways of God, the RABID activists we have would have never gained the throne. But because the Church left its first estate, went awhoring after the gods of the pagans, paganism is now in POWER!


Consciousness Raising

WHERE ARE the true watchmen on the wall whose job it is to raise the consciousness of the people towards God? There are plenty of church perverts that have led God’s people into the waiting arms of demons and devils. The same scenario goes for the political realm. This liberal progressive sickness (like spiritual AIDS) that pervades in our time has helped people develop a cynical sense of mistrust for Biblical truths. The “Church” has given birth to countless bastards that disdain godly authority, hence, the nation despises godly authority.

     Self-destructive! America cries out now in anguish. The “Church” has tried to sanitize sin, like homosexuality (et al.), while the State is trying to globalize.


Another Watts?

MAYBE! WATTS, California, erupted in 1965 after the signing of the Voting Rights Act. Many riots and upheavals followed: burning, looting, robbing, killing—all in the name of “change” or “need change.”

     But what about now? What kind of “change” are we being promised? Is it a “change” towards godliness, or away from everything that God stands for? Is it a “change” that is beneficial for ALL, or only for an elite few who care nothing for the masses or their souls that are perishing while following after this illusion?


Resisting the “Change”

WHERE ARE the true watchmen on the wall whose job it is to decry this sinful nation’s wickedness? Where are those who resist this ungodly “change”?

     “Change” certainly begets resistance and the defense of the “status quo.” But in the present time, what is the “status quo”? Will a state of indifference allow interest groups to control things in a way which would “change” the “status quo’s” basic character and result in oppression and suppression of all protests?

     Protests can be violent or non-violent, illegitimate or legitimate. Certain protests are currently still allowed, but if the powers-that-be want total and complete control, freedom will get assassinated. Those in power who want total power move beyond disciplined bounds to extremes. This happened in China, Russia, and many countries, so it can surely happen here. Totalitarianism is a fearful word. America can be ruled by such if the people do not do business with God NOW!

     Not to take seriously the handwriting on the wall is foolishness. The judgments falling all about in the present could and will result in greater problems. How long do you think this sinful nation can stand, maintain any sort of continuity and coherence, without getting down to the real issue at hand: GOD IS ANGRY WITH AMERICA!

     Regardless of crises and international dissension and conflicts, God demands REPENTANCE! America’s day of affluence is OVER!! The “affluent” currently are unable to war off the economic evils/devils that plague them. The sheer desperation of many, causes them to give up hope. But there is hope—hope in God. The problem is that many are unwilling to make needed adjustments, for they have been spoiled on the American dream. Yet the American structures—political, religious, social and economic—are giving way, falling, failing. It is now easier for those in power to capitalize on this state of affairs.


Political Criminals

IF THOSE in power enact or enforce laws for their own ends, are they political criminals? The Bible expects rulers to be God’s ministers, for the GOOD of mankind. Is it criminal to protest against their illegitimate corruption? “We ought to obey God rather than man” is the Bible’s answer to that. But let us first be RIGHT with the Lord. I can only speak for myself. What you do is between you and God. I do recognize, however, that it was God who put in power those now occupying the present administration. I personally see no need of “protest,” for the powers that be are of God’s doing. But this doesn’t make those in leadership righteous. NO! God chose them to be a punishment for the SINS of the people. In this I am satisfied.

     Let those in power think they can articulate an overall plan to deal with the failing economy, with all the sundry problems in this nation. More power to them! But let it be known: There is no and will be no “social safety net” to fall into. America’s time has come. The revulsion known as America’s EXCESSES will not be overlooked by the Almighty.

     Putting together a list of “new ideas,” “a stirring speech” and “messianic promises” will not help this nation. We will reap what we’ve sown. And self-blaming will do no good. HEART REPENTANCE is the SOLUTION TO THE POLLUTION. God is waiting; what are you waiting for?


Utopia Disorder!

THIS BASICALLY portrays the 60's Revolution . . . proclaiming a utopia while causing “Hell on earth”! It invoked DISORDER—sit-ins, freedom rides, campus confrontations, rebellious militancy, drugs, sexual vice, the occult, anti-rationalism, anti-Christ attitudes and ideologies, etc., etc. So-called “self-expression” knew no limits—it got “down dirty”—a whole new state of “consciousness.” It is well said that “shockwaves” broke upon the Family, State and the Church.

     Some look back with nostalgic love of the “good ol’ days,” but we see them as what they were—seeds of destruction, sown in rebellion. Now the ripe harvest of the DEATH CULTURE is here. Look at our youth today—wearing all black, piercings, tattoos, with skulls pictured all over their clothes . . . LOST, CONFUSED! We are dealing with the children, even grandchildren of the early 60's parents.

     Some believe we need the “utopianism, ethos, hopes, dreams and visions of the 60's.” No, we need a COUNTER REVOLUTION, friends. We need Jesus as never before. We need HELP—help is only a prayer away.

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