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WE ARE LIVING IN AN AGE when many, especially the youth, have made an idol of thuggery. The word thug is, by definition, “one of a fraternity of robbers and assassins in India who practiced secret murder as an act of propitiation to the goddess Kali”. The word thug also means “a ruffian and an assassin”. The word ruffian means “a brutal, boisterous fellow; any base, low character, as a robber, etc.” Then the word assassin means “one who slays treacherously or by covert assault; one who kills, or attempts to kill, secretly as the agent of another or others, or for reward”. The word assassinate means “to kill”.

     So we see that in all of these definitions of the idol of our age, is nothing but the end goal of murder, robbery, brutality, low character and boisterous vileness. While the youth of today are led about by rap music in all of its variations and think that they have discovered something new, they are simply dupes for demonic powers which have nothing in mind but to kill, steal and destroy.

     The mesmerizing powers of the demon goddess Kali are well known worldwide, as the adherents to Kali’s demand for blood sacrifice are still in action today. Having been to India, I remember I was shocked when I first saw men, countless men with their fingernails painted bright red. When I inquired what the reason for this was, I was told that the followers of Kali must offer her blood, and human blood is her first preference. Of course it is claimed that no longer are her followers allowed to commit their murders in order to appease the demands of this wicked and cruel goddess. Now it is stated that her followers offer her goats. However, there is plenty of evidence that thuggery is as common now as it has ever been in that her known followers are still committing murder to appease her demands for blood.

     Now, since this type of murder stems back to Hinduism and this goddess, one would think, how in the world could such a thing have anything to do with the passion for murder and bloodshed that is prevailing in the western nations and even worldwide? The truth is that satan has one agenda and he repeats that agenda for all who will fall prey to his wicked devices.

     The fascination of the youth with death, the absorption in crime and murder is only too evident that the roots of rap are evil and those who adhere to the ultimate messages are adhering to the demands of goddess spirits every bit as cruel and blood thirsty as Kali, goddess queen of Hinduism.

     While youth proudly parade in their shirts and other clothing items which symbolize their faithfulness to their idols, do they ever stop and consider that the thugs they are worshiping are taking them into a lifestyle that can only end in imprisonment, harm to others as well as one’s self, and death? Does anyone stop and consider that the thugs who are enticing them to follow in the same lifestyle are often the victims of the very murder they are enticing others to commit?

     How deceptive are the ancient demons that have invaded through the music which is so base and thrilling in its message of destruction whereby the unsuspecting give themselves to demonic powers that are base, vile and completely boisterous in the message they give forth. It does not take much mentality to kill, to steal, to hurt and harm others, it simply takes a fool who will follow the commands of demons who are devising evil on every hand.

     Has anyone really stopped to consider that the idolatry of thuggery, which so many have given themselves unto, is nothing but the work of demons under the command of satan? And that while the youth and even some beyond youth are giving themselves over to murder, to robbery, to vileness and rottenness, that they are nothing but the fools who will perish in their sins? The Bible strictly forbids the very things which those involved in thuggery see as their goals in life. When they burn in Hell, will they boast of how many they have murdered, how many they have robbed and violated? Or will they be too absorbed in their own agonies, which will cause them torment, and the burning in the flames of Hell as their evil deeds are replayed over and over before their eyes and they will never escape the judgment they have received for the same?

     If you have been deceived by the idolatry of thuggery, you can confess your sins and repent before the Lord Jesus Christ today. He desires to free you from the burden of your sins, and if you repent He will set you free. It is stupid to go in a way of destruction when you could turn from idolatry and turn to the Lord. The Lord will hear you as you pray simply, “Jesus, I ask you to forgive me for my sins and the idolatry of thuggery which has caused those sins; please come into my heart and be my Savior and guide my life.” Amen.

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