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Walk the Walk
by General James Green

TODAY, as never before, Satan and his contentious messengers are relentlessly striving to silence the true people of God in every corner of the world. They are making no little disturbance. Among their vile ranks are a whole crowd of ignorant, yet dogmatic, religious "freethinkers" who are trying to rewrite the Bible (or discard the Bible) and re-image the holy character of our risen Saviour. With seared consciences, they publish their own villainous and contemptible writings that appeal to the passions and prejudices of those who have not applied themselves to learning the true Word of God. "Religious ideas" may sound good because they appeal to the masses who live mere sordid lives; but "religious ideas" in our day are really "religious lies" that take one deeper into ignorance and despair. Sadly, many would-be Christians are "brainwashed" before they can transfer their soul's allegiance to Christ's true Ekklesia.

Hebrews says, "For the Word of God is...powerful" (4:12). This POWER, my dear readers, comes not of man but of God. This POWER is not to be used for the selfish purposes of fortune and fame but for living the aggressive Christian life here upon the Earth, in sight of both God and man. For the Christian life is not merely written on paper with ink. It must be "written" in reality by active Christian living. Creeds, doctrines, and so on--expressed only in words, rituals, beliefs; demonstrated by clothes and professions--provide only a dim picture of the truth, at best, in comparison to a life lived in Spirit and truth. The modern Church has embraced mere outward forms. Enemies have tricked the churchgoers that an intellectual assent to certain creeds, or an outward compliance to certain rules, will make one acceptable to God and gain one a "passport" into Eternal Paradise. This is a total lie. Our particular beliefs, our creeds, our intellect, our religious ideas will not make us acceptable to God. True, we need to BELIEVE the Word, but we must BE and LIVE in Christ according to His Holy standards, New Testament laws, judgments, and principles. We must be led by the Spirit.

The Lord's "Well done!" is only going to be spoken to the believers who have willed themselves to do His will. How dreadfully surprising the end will be for so many religious people! Innumerable souls have been led astray by demons of deceit and doctrines of devils. These lost souls live a church life that is neither challenging nor disturbing to their flesh; neither gives them vitality in their personal lives nor trains them to positively influence those around them. Satan and his vile agents (often demons in human bodies) have the supremest contempt for those who "walk the walk" and don't just "talk the talk." His agents are religious "wandering stars" (Jude 13) who consider it almost blasphemous to live a dedicated, separated, and consecrated life in Christ. These "wandering stars" are restless and unsettled, without God, and "the blackness of darkness" is reserved for them, and all who succumb to them, forever (v. 13).

Following Christ Jesus demands a real knighthood in the Spirit. True chivalry is doing His will, not our own. But nowadays it is the vogue to "do your own thing" and "go where no man has gone before"--into the grossest pits of sin, where even angels would fear to tread. Only FOOLS would rush in where angels fear to tread. And FOOLS are not short in supply today. They are behind desks, pulpits, and in the pews. But it is not just the violent, the anarchical, or the aberrant whom we have to be aware of in the war for souls. We must watch out for the staid, the seemingly sober and "respectable" men, whose evil lies in their mockery and skepticism toward the truth (v. 18).

Unless a Christian is a living witness for Christ, his opinions do not matter to God. We must live the truth. Furthermore, the more we love Christ's Word and lessons in life, the less we'll care for high-realm commentators and preachers who lack "the sword that cuts and the fire that burns." As I personally see more of Christ living within me today, I care less for arguments about His death. His death opened the WAY for my life in Him, but I should seek to LIVE the LIFE rather than dwell upon His death. Talk, talk, talk--the Christian leaders of our day do not "walk the walk."

The Christian life, I remind you, is never free of mistakes, testings, trials, temptations, and tempters. We've all spent time in the ditches and pits of life. But let us consider the difference between a lamb and a pig. When a lamb falls into a mud hole, it bleats (cries) to get out of it. When a pig falls in a mud hole, it just stays there, happily, and wallows. No matter what happens, we must not succumb to sin. We must seek our help from God, rise up, and continue to "walk the walk" until the end. Amen.

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