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T he following occurred to me when I was pondering on the Word of God. This is about the superiority of Jesus Christ—no human or natural law could bind Him or hold Him down.

Consider the following examples:

—Jesus was not subject to Mendel’s law of genetic inheritance. According to Mendel, X and Y chromosomes must be joined to form human life (the inherited curse of Adam’s sin being passed down as well). But this man Jesus was supernaturally formed by GF and GH chromosomes, where GF represents God the Father, and GH represents God the Holy Spirit. Thus Jesus supernaturally defied the inherited curse of sin which has plagued the entire human race since Adam. Jesus was the second Adam, born as a man among men, yet without the curse of sin. Luke 1:34-35.

—Jesus defied the law of floatation which states: in order for a body to float, it must displace its own weight in the liquid in which it floats. Jesus defied this law when He walked on the sea just like the land. Matthew 14:25-30.

—This Jesus, though buried for three days, was not affected by micro organisms that normally cause decay. Rather He came back to life with the keys of Hell and death. Hence, to those who believe in Him, He gives power over death. Matthew 27:50-56; 28:2-6, Mark 14:58, Hebrews 2:14.

—The force of gravity could not hold this Jesus down during His ascension. No man has ever been able to rise into the sky without some kind of medium to assist him—yet Jesus did! Acts 1:9-11.

—This Jesus overruled the law of supply and demand by feeding 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fishes. There was no way this small amount of bread and fish could possibly feed 5000 people. Yet Jesus proved to the whole world that God has much to give His people, and can miraculously supply no matter how empty and poor they may be. Those who love and obey Him, giving Him all they have, will always be supplied. Matthew 14:17-21; 15:34-38, Mark 8:19, John 6:10-15.

—In politics, Jesus defied the law of taxation (governments demanding money or payment from their citizens) by supernaturally supplying out of the mouth of a fish. Matthew 17: 24-27.

What a mighty and miraculous God we serve! Jesus came down in the power of God, yet He has given power to men. Praise God! Luke 10:19

Shardey Moses

GHANA, W.Africa


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