In 1983, when we officially opened up Fort Freedom in Sacramento, California, little did we realize the GREAT and MIGHTY plans the Lord of Hosts had in store for us.

We never dreamed that the Spirit of God would personally send us into 50 countries to spread His Army message (He even sent us six times to some countries!). And in 1982, when we had spent our last $50 on printing Gospel tracts, we never envisioned having our very own printing shop. Yet in the last 5 years, God has allowed us to print millions of tracts and booklets which have been sent ALL OVER THE WORLD--to more than 130 countries--for FREE!!

Furthermore, when we opened our first teaching meeting at Ft. Freedom, and a hand-full of curious, but hungry souls came to hear God's Word, we never thought the day would come when we would be on five shortwave radio stations that beam out the Aggressive Christian message to almost every part of the world . . . day and night, seven days a week. Millions are being taught that there is more to serving Jesus than just going to "church."

And little did we know that when we held our first training session, the day would come when the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps would have thousands of contacts all over the globe. Worldwide, soldiers are training for intensive spiritual warfare. Indeed the message God has given to us has found its way into all realms of civil and religious life.

Moreover, when my wife and I first became Christians and witnessed about our new faith daily, we had no idea that God would raise up teams of Christian soldiers under the A.C.M.T.C. banner who would literally lead thousands unto salvation in Jesus Christ --every year! And most of all, we never knew the HATRED that Satan and his spirit/earthly emissaries would have for community life. After three solid years of enduring every imaginable dirty trick that Satan's camp invented to stop us, we are yet moving forward, for WE HAVE SEEN GOD PREVAIL in our behalf.

Ever since we became a uniformed corps, the "church folks" have loved to hurl the word "cult" at us. Well, the truth of the matter is that nearly every denomination at its birth was labeled "demonic," "strange," and "cultic." So what's new?

As one WWII ship commander once said, "Damn the torpedoes; full steam ahead!" We say, "Let the accusations fly! Onward and upward in the calling of our God!" The Lord always has a coterie of advanced people who are willing to embrace whatever He sends or allows. He has forever had such a people, and He forever will.

We certainly look forward with expectancy to the days, weeks, months, and years ahead, for we know that the Lord God of Armies will keep us. Why not "join the Army that sheds no blood" today!

--General James Green

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