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Dear ACMTC Soldiers,

Greetings in the name of our Savior & Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, Amen! Thanks be to God, by His mercies, I had an opportunity to come into contact with such Christians who are radical and wholeheartedly committed to His service.

My dear Generals, I want you to know that from the day I came across your gospel literature (about 2 years ago when a friend shared some of them with me), my life was never the same again. Truly speaking, thru these literatures God spoke to me that Christian life is a life of 100% devotion and sacrifice to Him; holiness, steadfastness, a life of warfare (spiritual) to have victory, a life of discipline & obedience, a life free from worldly things (lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, & the pride of life to mention but a few). Furthermore, when I read the WORDS OF THE SPIRIT, I realized that God desires us to be a people who submit their wills to His Spirit, rather than to be religious hypocrites, dead in rituals.

Oh servants of God, bear in mind that after I read your article, “Come out of her my people” I was greatly touched and I decided to leave my denomination (United Methodist) and join one of our local “Pentecostal” ones with much zeal and desire to serve the Lord.

However, I soon realized that Pentecostal churches of today are no longer Spirit-led & on fire for the gospel, but are now “dens of robbers” and institutions whereby you are given “tips” on how you can become “prosperous.” The gospel of fame, the big C’s (namely Cash, Cell phones, Cars etc.) worldly fashions, and worse still, the mockery of radical Christians as fanatics, has crippled these denominations to spiritual death. With this information in mind, my last chance is to become an active ACMTC RESCUE RANGER.

Please Generals, take note that Western media has spread lies about the situation in Zimbabwe, saying our country is “near the grave” due to misgovernance & economic hardships, but the truth is that Zimbabwe in UNDER THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD. Moral decay (in dress especially by church people), apostasy and lewdness has brought about the wrath of God in our country. To shed light on this, economically speaking, the inflation rate is about 5000% , but I personally believe the rate of apostasy exceeds such a figure by far.

So, may you please pray for Zimbabweans to realize the necessity of repentance (especially the church people). With such degrading and discouraging situation, may you please give me information on how to become an active Rescue Ranger, spreading the gospel of Jesus at any cost. I want to join the “Army That Sheds No Blood.” As a youth of 20 years old, I believe God shall use me to spread the gospel in the REVOLUTIONARY WAY. I hope that by the grace of God, we (ACMTC members) shall turn the world upside down. I love you all. May God bless you.

Your Fellow Soldier in Faith,

Joseph Muboko



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