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RE: "Open Letter" by Brad Shanks

Dear Generals James and Deborah,

      Keep up the good work, for your labor is not in vain. Being a minister myself I honestly can relate to your guys’ dilemma. I don’t believe all the nasty things being hurled at you.

     Being in a leadership position puts one in a vulnerable position. As you point out in many of your articles, some I read in your magazines, leadership principles have been both abused and neglected.

     Brad Shanks wrote a pretty good letter to his readers. Where is he today? Does he still work with your group? It must have been pretty scary to be taken from your camp, held against his will and put through a “de-programming process”. I’m familiar with Mr. Rick Ross. He pretty much thinks every group is a “cult”. So much for his OPINION!

     I read each article posted on your website. May the Shepherd of our souls watch over you and your group there in New Mexico.


                      Pastor RF


Our Comment:


Dear Pastor,

     Thanks for your encouraging letter (we get plenty of “hate mail”).  

     I cannot tell you where B. Shanks is but he is doing what he feels he needs to do without our disapproval or approval. He has his own war to wage.

     Actually Brad (AKA Christopher, the name he went by at the time of his abduction) wrote an account a while back of the events mentioned in his “Open Letter”. The account was printed in our Battle Cry Sounding newspaper, issue 130, in 1995. He started out his article by writing,


“We are taught to believe in this country of America that we have religious freedom. ANY EXISTING BELIEF THAT I HAD IN THIS ‘FREEDOM’ WAS ERASED ON JULY 8-10, 1995.” [emphasis added]


     Brad goes into his “Kidnaped!!” story (a true story!) and writes this:


“Overall, [MS’s] made-up testimony left much to be desired. SHE STUMBLED THOUGH MANY OF HER ACCUSATIONS, WITH NOTICEABLE DOUBT AND CONFUSION...” [Yes, MS was there when Brad was HELD CAPTIVE AGAINST HIS WILL!]


Brad continued:


     “When Rick [i.e., Rick Ross, the self-appointed ‘cult de-programmer’] heard this [about Brad’s urgency to break away from his parents, MS, and Mr. De-programmer himself] he commented that he would now definitely classify our ‘cult’ [on a destructive scale of 1-10, with 10 being the WORST!] as an extremely strong 10 because of my urgency in wanting to leave!”


     Well, now, isn’t this pretty interesting? Here we have MS (who claims we held her captive for 6 months) and Rick Ross and Brad’s parents, ALL claiming to be oh, so CHRISTIAN, yet failing in their underhanded, illegal attempts to de-program Mr. Brad Shanks.

     Makes one wonder...if these people who kidnaped Brad are God’s people, and Brad and all of ACMTC are of the Devil, does not God have greater power than the Devil? After all, it was 5 against one [Brad’s aunt made up the 5th “Christian”(?)] and they couldn’t de-program Brad. Guess their “god” failed them and our God WON!


Nuff said


—General Jim


[Note: Brad's full-length testimony about how he was "KIDNAPED!!" is posted on his website: www.judgmentismercy.info Don't miss it!]

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