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Weigh the Evidence

Quote from the Dr. Phil Show
Sept. 21, 2006
(Opening Sequence)

“Thank you very much. I want you to imagine, just imagine you’re growing up in the US, right? I mean, that’s the dream where we have freedom. But instead choosing to live in isolation with a group ruled by generals that call themselves God’s Army. Well, today we’re talking to people who escaped from what they say is a bizarre religious community. They say they had no money, no TV, no cars and no contact with family on the outside. They also say they lived under the eyes, the watchful eyes of these so-called trusted leaders who made sure a high standard of holiness was maintained. Now [MS] was one of the first to sign up, and she brought her 12-year-old daughter [R] with her. They say children were abused and adults who questioned authority were belittled and humiliated. [MS] says her worst punishment was being locked in a windowless shed for 10 weeks with only stale peanut butter sandwiches.“


The following is a series of quotes taken from various newspaper articles written in the late 1980's as well as some quotes from the Sept. 21, 2006 Dr. Phil Show, along with my comments. Note: My initials (GJ) come before my comments. —General Jim


“ACMTC Ministry Comes To Gridley”

Chico Enterprise-Record (California)

Reporter: Ed Farrell (EF)

May 4, 1989


EF:     “The plaintiff [MS] complained of brainwashing and harsh treatment, claiming she was punished by the group by being FORCED to live in an unheated, unlighted shed on a diet of peanut butter sandwiches.”


MS:    “‘What they practice there is mind control. Pure and simple brainwashing. They use God’s name for evil purposes and they subvert people’s minds. And when you subvert someone’s mind, it’s like RAPING their soul.’”


GJ:    If MS was really brainwashed by us, who evaluated this? A psychiatrist? A doctor? Did MS seek to get “deprogrammed”? NO! Not ONE report of this ever being done. If she was really that brainwashed, when did she get her rightful mind back? Apparently after she sued us for 20 million dollars—that did the job!


EF:     “The building [‘shed’] had no electricity or plumbing...”


GJ:    It had electric power but no plumbing. It was a clubhouse. But right next door (literally butting right up to an extension on the clubhouse) was a brand new 30x40 ft. building that had power, a restroom, wood and electric heat, and a phone—all for MS to use anytime. She even lived in this new building for a period of time.


EF:     “...[MS] spent her time ‘in judgment’ deep in prayer, seeking forgiveness and guidance from God. Only the DEPLORABLE conditions and NEAR STARVATION forced her to leave the compound, according to her attorney, Bob Blasier of Sacramento.”


GJ:    Deep prayer? Forgiveness? What kind of talk is this? Deplorable conditions? Our camp was clean, beautiful and up to city code! Ask the city officials.


EF:     “It was only after an INTENSE ‘de-programming’ session that [MS] contacted Blasier.”


GJ:    Intense “de-programming”? By whom, when, where, how? Get serious, she never was “brainwashed” nor “held captive”—these were made up to sue us, pure and simple!


EF:     “On the surface, the Greens are very articulate, very neat people who don’t come across at all like crazies. But underneath the surface, in my opinion, they’re COMPULSIVE, CONFIRMED LIARS, Blasier said.”


GJ:    Tell me, Mr. Blasier, who is telling the lies? Read MS’s own words for yourself. And if we are very “neat” people, why would we have a camp that is DEPLORABLE, dirty, dingy, etc.?


EF:     “According to Blasier, SEVERE corporal punishment of the group’s children could be classified as child abuse, but sexual promiscuity or abuse is not practiced or tolerated by the ministry.”


GJ:    What child abuse, Mr. Blasier? Tell me, please. Where is any record of this so one can get confirmation? NONE! The Dr. Phil Show was sickening when both MS and her daughter said we told them to BEAT their babies. Maybe they did, but not because we told them to. However, we do correct children according to the Biblical standard.


EF:     “‘That [reference to severe punishment of children] is merely another lie,’ said Green. ‘Mr Blasier has been after us for years [to find something, anything on us; after all, he is a criminal lawyer, not a civil one].’”


- comment in the article by Brig. General Deborah (GD): -

GD:    “‘We’ve been inspected on several occasions by the authorities, including Child Protective Services, and we’ve never been found lacking in proper care for the children here. In fact, we’ve ALWAYS been complimented about the neatness of our facility.’”


GJ:    Tell me, MS, why didn’t you ever call the police on us for child abuse? And you, daughter of MS, why have you waited 19 years now to accuse us of ordering you to beat your baby? Neither you nor your mother ever said a word about this back then to any reporters or officials. Surely, MS, if we had done all this CRUEL child abuse, you would have let the reporters know. Remember, you LOVE to “expose” us!!


Taken from the Dr. Phil Show

Sept. 21, 2006


MS:    “I was instructed to whip my 6-month-old son with a belt on his bare bottom...”


MS’s daughter: “I whipped my son because I was instructed to. I was afraid of Deborah Green. I did it because I was told to, and I knew it wasn’t right. Innocent little baby gets beat!”


GJ:    Now isn’t this pathetic—the Generals TOLD ME TO DO IT! Passing the buck. I guess I also would call this being “brainwashed” if I would have heard this. “They made me do it.” Wow! Why have you dear ladies waited so many years to tell this? Oh, forgive me, you are AFRAID of my wife. You are Christian and you’re still controlled by fear??


“Religious Sect Moves To Biggs”


Reporter: Rick Longly (RL)


RL:    “The Greens...flatly denied published allegations by one-time member [MS] that she was abused by the group and forced to live in unsanitary conditions for a time at the ministry’s Sacramento complex.”

          “The Greens said the building [MS] allegedly lived in was clean and [MS] had moved into it after divorcing her husband who lived elsewhere in the compound.”


“Gridley ‘Cult’ Denies Charges”

Yuba-Sutter Appeal Democrat

Reporter: Gordon Sullivan (GS)

May 6, 1989


GS:    “After the divorce, Deborah Green said, she wanted [MS] to leave the Sacramento compound but allowed her to stay in a children’s ‘playhouse’ there with electricity, a stove and carpeting because ‘she begged me’.”


GJ:    MS literally BEGGED my wife to stay in our camp. She said if we did not allow her to stay, she would take her son and live on the streets (around our camp) in a shopping cart. Why hasn’t MS ever mentioned this? Dozens of members heard her say this, including her daughter who was on the Dr. Phil Show.


Gridley Press Conference

“Aggressive Christian Group Responds To Media Attacks”

Reporter: Charles Gallardo (CG)

May 5, 1989


- comment in the article by Brig. General Deborah (GD): -

GD:    “There has been a lot of misunderstanding in the media.”


CG:    “However, amidst the smoking guns the group’s leadership did not address issues that affect the local residents.”

          “The room at the compound north-east of Gridley on Mead Ave was crowded with TV crews and reporters plus some curious neighbors, Gridley Mayor Tom Compton, Councilwoman Suzanne Ingram, Chief of Police John Donnahae, Supervisor Ed McLaughlin, and others.”

          “[General] James asserted that Blasier is a ‘covetous lawyer who sought someone for a long time and finally found MS.’”

          “The Greens contend ‘Bob Blasier has been after our property for 5 or 6 years.’”


GJ:    That is no understatement! MS and Blasier, together, made up the 20 million dollar lie to do away with ALL of us. In fact, 2 ½ years ago, one of our female officers called his office (in disguise) and asked for the video pack (about the press conference, which he sells!!). He told her that this current lawsuit (which is time-barred by the 14 year statute of limitations for NM) “would finally DESTROY ACMTC!” These are his exact words. You folks can see now how the court in Grants, NM, is horribly biased and bigoted against us. In fact, one man flew down from another state and warned us that they (BB and MS) had “gotten the right judge that would agree with them.” This was his exact statement. Has the judge been bribed? Biased, bigoted, bribed? It does appear to be so!


“Christian Cult Sets Up Camp North of Gridley”

Gridley Herald

Reporter: Charles Gallardo (CG)

Wed., May 3, 1989


CG:    “According to a March 11, 1989 Sacramento Bee report given the Herald by ACMTC co-leader [Brig. General] Lila [Deborah] Green, the one-time member, [MS], 41, of Sacramento, countered in the suit that she was ‘virtually imprisoned’ in January 1987 after the group’s leaders deemed that she had ‘fallen under God’s judgment’.”

          “The Bee report continued, ‘she [MS] said she was FORCED for the next 6 months to live in tiny quarters [plural?] and do menial work at the group’s compound.’”


GJ:    Again, MS held a job out at the Anden Way Art Shop, along with the “other woman” (Rachel Johnson). They both earned their own money, walked the streets of Sacramento, passing out tracts, shopping, coming and going from our city Headquarters. Ask MS about this. Ask if she did indeed work, get paid, and have taxes taken out of her paycheck. Ask her. Ask her daughter, who rode in our bus to and from the Art Shop.


- comment in the article by Brig. General Jim: -

GJ:    “The lawsuit was the ‘plot of a lawyer [Blasier] to take away our land.’”


GJ:    This same lawyer is trying to repeat this same evil plot here in NM as I write this (Nov. 2, 2006).


“Militaristic Sect Comes To Butte County”

Butte County Reporter

article by: George Thurlow and Melinda Welsh (T&W)

May 4, 1989


T&W: “...A former member [MS] alleged she had been brainwashed, separated from her children and then FORCED to live in a shed ‘LIKE AN ANIMAL’.”


GJ:    Folks, this gets better all the time—“like an animal”!


T&W: “...sect member was FORCED to move into a 5x10 wooden shed, where she lived for 10 weeks.”

          “In a lengthy response to [MS], handed out to reports at the Biggs ranch, the Greens deny the allegations and blame [MS’s] accusations on a nasty custody fight.”

Note this next quote:

          “The woman’s daughter [the same one on the Dr. Phil Show with “mom”] also belongs to the group and, according to the Greens, is ‘ashamed’ of her mother’s actions.”


GJ:    Everybody from those days knows perfectly well that [MS] and her daughter NEVER did get along.


T&W: “The real reason for [MS’s] problems, the Greens concluded, was SERIOUS MISCONDUCT.”


“Religious Group Responds To Controversy, Concern Over East Biggs Location”

The Biggs News

Reporter: John Hetherington (JH)

May 4, 1989


- comment in the article by Brig. General Jim: -

GJ:    “‘...we have a swinging-door policy here. If you come in [to ACMTC], you can go out. We don’t keep people against their wills.’”


GJ:    This policy still holds today. WE DO NOT WANT TROUBLEMAKERS OR THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE! Read my lips!!


“Sacramento’s Army of God”

Sacramento News and Reviews

Reporter: Melinda Welsh (MW)



MW:   “‘Army of God’—an elite force of warriors in training for some ultimate combat for the souls of humankind...their Headquarters consisted of 4 middle-class, METICULOUSLY kept communal houses...”

          “Pamela Sockolov, an employee at Bill’s Glass across the street, says she’s been watching them [the ministry] move for weeks. ‘I watched them take down the BIG SHED and load what was left into vans.’”


GJ:    That BIG SHED was the new workshop where MS lived for a time (sound TINY to you?) and had constant access to a phone, toilet, sink, and space!


MW:   “Jim and Lila [and other sect members]...brainwashed her, separated her from her children, and FORCED her to live ‘LIKE AN ANIMAL’ for 6 months.”


“Cult-Buster: Bob Blasier”

(taken from the same newspaper above)


BB:    “‘I could see how people could be drawn to them [the Generals] at first, though,’ reflected Blasier. ‘They seem like friendly, articulate people.’”


GJ:    Yes, and Bob told us he too was Christian. Yet all his actions against us were very UN-Christian.


“Ministry Contends with Violence”

Butte County Reporter

Reporter: Jan Held (JH)

May 11, 1989


JH:     “The judgment came about when [MS], 41, stated in her suit she was IMPRISONED by the ACMTC in January of 1987 and FORCED to live in a shed and do menial work at the group’s Sacramento compound.”


GJ:    Here we go one more time, the pitiful “shed” story.


JH:     “Because there was no room in the dormitory-style quarters in which members lived, [Brig. General] Lila Green said, Mrs. [MS] was given the opportunity to remain in the complex to live in a ‘playhouse’ the group had built for children living in the complex. ‘There were utilities in the building and restrooms available,’ the Greens said, adding anyone who had seen the Sacramento complex knows there was NO DILAPIDATED shed on the property. ‘We could have put her out on the street,’ Lila Green said, ‘but we didn’t.’”

          “Still a member of [the ACMTC], Philip Jordan [now Colonel] validated the Greens’ statements, saying his ex-wife was sexually promiscuous.”


“Gridley Officials Respond to New Christian Group”

The Biggs News

Reporter: Charles Gallardo (CG)

May 1989


CG:    “Citing the First Amendment and the right of due process, Gridley public officials offered tentative approval, amid skepticism, to the newly arrived [ACMTC] following the group’s press conference last Thursday morning.”

          “‘I am still skeptical,’ the Mayor said, ‘but would like to gather more facts before I make a decision. Until proven guilty, they are innocent.’”

          “Gridley Police Chief echoed those [words] of the Mayor, ‘Anybody can make allegations. Unless I have solid evidence, I’m not going to condemn them,’ he said.”


GJ:    Thank you, Mayor and Chief. Too bad others don’t follow your advice. Well, folks, we were never “condemned” in that township—they saw thru all the media hype and MS/BB BULL!


“Militant Sect Tells Its Story”

Superior California - Weekend Reviews

Reporter: Richard Abrams (RA)

May 3, 1989


RA:    “In an unexpected about-face, ministry members...said the sect had ‘decided to come out of the closet’ to do battle with ‘bigoted hysteria’ that has subjected their ministry to its own depiction of ‘hell’.”

Note this next quote:

          “...to break up [MS’s] former marriage and BANISH her to a small shed for 6 MONTHS.”


GJ:    Mr. Abrams literally stalked us for years, trying to get an interview (his tactics of reporting were not “nice” so we avoided him). Finally we let him in our one and only press conference.


RA:    “They said her [MS’s] crime was that she loved her husband and children more than God...”


GJ:    This has got to be funny! MS never cared for her kids, that is why she pushed them off on us all the time. Everybody at that time knew this. She was a POOR mother and wife. We were told by two men that she was “available”. It was for this that we had to do something. She denies this, but even a casual reader of what I’ve compiled can see that she LIES!


RA:    “Jerry Axtell, a senior pastor at New Hope Christian Fellowship, has also counseled [not “de-programmed”!] ex-members, including [MS] and [LD—the black girl who “escaped” the ol’ bad Generals!]. The indoctrination ‘happens by degrees—like what happed with Hitler in Germany. [MS] WAS NEVER HELD PHYSICALLY CAPTIVE. But...by fear,’ Axtell said.”


GJ:    At last! Sorry about that, MS, but he just had to “tell the truth” (at least about you never being a physical captive) since he was your pastor. Why do you continually tell people the opposite, or at least imply the opposite? Do you LIE? Do you DECEIVE? Well, we’re all waiting out here.


MS:    “‘I was accused of treating my children as idols...’”


GJ:    Really, MS? When did you ever care for any of your kids? Never when we knew you.


RA:    “It was in fact, [MS’s] 20-year old daughter who sent a recent letter to local media titled ‘The $20 million lie.’ [The daughter] accused her mother of a litany of SINS, including child neglect and child abuse.”


GJ:    Well now, dear ladies, why have both of you, on the Dr. Phil Show, blamed us now? Did you, MS, promise your daughter a piece of the lawsuit pie if she would lie? It appears this way. I would never tell my audience what you allowed to happen to your little daughter before joining ACMTC. We have the newspaper report from Placerville, CA, describing that event. Don’t you remember? We do! Child neglect and child abuse is lightly putting it...it was sexually sick!!


RA:    “Lt. Col. Phillip Jordan [AKA, Steve Schmierer] last week called his ex-wife’s accusation ‘fantastic lies’. Jordan...said the shed in which his ex-wife claimed to be held captive was actually a children’s playhouse with carpet and electricity. Jordan said he and [MS] chose to divorce after she became involved in an extramarital affair [which we know to be true!]. He said his ex-wife CHOSE ON HER OWN to move into the ‘clubhouse after we were divorced.’”


“Aggressive Christians Face Possible LOSS of Property”

Butte County Reporter

Reporter: Charles Gallardo (CG)



CG:    “According to the suit, [MS] ‘signed over her house, unknowingly gave up legal custody of her 3 minor children and unwittingly agreed to a divorce during her CAPTIVITY.’”


GJ:    Here we have a woman who “signed over her house.” What house? The small, unfinished and partly furnished (with NO electric, no bath or restroom or running water!) cabin up in the mountains that your husband built? Yes, we went there several times. The same cabin where your kids didn’t eat properly, were not clothed adequately and you and your husband grew dope and used lots of it! If my memory serves me right, my wife and I used to bring you folks food—a 3 hour (one-way) drive. And your poor, sick baby girl, who had pneumonia, after I prayed for her, was healed that very night. Have you forgotten this? Have you also forgotten that it was we who bought your first pair of shoes when you hadn’t had on shoes for literally years? I also showed that receipt to the reporters, but as usual, they failed to report all this to the public. Was it not us who helped you move into a nice home in Sacramento area to live in, after you both wanted to straighten out your hippy lifestyle? And wasn’t it you both who agreed (after you said you heard from God in prayer!) to sell your cabin and donate the $$ to the ministry? To be honest, dear MS, we never asked a penny out of either one of you—or has your memory failed you? And was it not you, MS, that used to bring your kids over to our home to get fed, because you didn’t even know how to cook for a family? Have all your kids forgotten this or have you turned them against us because you didn’t want them to stay with God? We have lots of photos of you guys back then in the hills. You had no expensive home that we took.


Oh yes!

I can’t pass up the opportunity to let my readers read the following:


“‘Soldiers of God’ have NM town abuzz”

El Paso Times

Reporter: Dan Williams, (DW)

June 25, 1995


DW:   “The Greens are intelligent, crafty people who have become adept at controlling others, said Robert Blasier, a Sacramento lawyer. He said he has represented parents of several group members. Today, he is part of the defence team at the O.J. Simpson trial in Las Angeles, CA.”


GJ:    This ought to tell us something about the “Christian” character of Mr. lawyer—defending a brutal murderer as O.J.!

          There is a man that is supposed to champion women (such as “abused” MS!) and here he is defending a wife-killer. Everybody knows that O.J. killed his wife. I’m not saying this, everybody I ever talked to says it! So, Mr. O.J. gets set free!


DW:   “Deborah Green who went by the name Lila Green in Sacramento, is especially convincing, Blasier said.”


GJ:    Why, Mr. lawyer? Because she don’t let people push her around, like you!


DW:   “‘Lila is the real power behind the group,’ he said.”


GJ:    Sorry, Mr. lawyer, but Christ Jesus is the REAL POWER behind her.


DW (quoting BB):   “‘She’s one of those people you look in the eyes and you feel real strange—a Charlie Manson type.


GJ:    Who is Charles Manson? He, of course, has been in prison for years and years for masterminding the brutal murders of some Hollywood people.

          Just think folks, I’m married to Charlie!


Here we go one more time

DW:   “...a former member who said she was brainwashed, imprisoned and FORCED to divorce her husband and surrender legal custody of her 4 children.”

          “‘It’s a mental prison. They tore apart my life,’ said [MS] of Sacramento...’they told all kinds of lies about me...made my husband think I was a witch.’”


GJ:    Does the kettle call the pot BLACK? Lies? Lies, Mrs. S? Really? It is okay for your attorney to call my wife Charles Manson, but don’t say anything about good old you.


DW:   “...she was held captive in a 5x12 ft. wooden shed with a low ceiling that prevented her from standing upright.”

          “‘They claimed that God had judged me, so they excommunicated me and put me in a shed in the basement,’ [MS], now 47, said.”


GJ:    Shed, in the basement? That’s new, isn’t it?


Now Hear This!

DW:   “[MS]...said she feels intimidated by the group’s ‘generals.’ But, she said Berino [NM] residents shouldn’t consider them a threat to the community.”


GJ:    Thanks, MS, for that “nice” comment. We’re real sorry that you feel so intimidated by us. Maybe you should REPENT of all your lies and get some peace in your troubled life.


One example of an e-mail received from MS, dated 2/4/03:

“You are being foolish. Hypocrites, liars, snakes! How can you live under the pretense of holiness when you TWIST truth and make up these outlandish, mean-spirited, disgustingly nasty lies? You are perverted, who is your father? My Father has taught me NOT TO LIE. From whose garden do you pick your fruit: sorcery, hatred, contentions, outbursts of wrath, dissension, heresies...?

          Thank God for His Word which is a lamp to my feet. Otherwise, with all the mud you’ve flung my way, I’d be in the nuthouse for sure. And thank you for re-energizing my vigor to fight deception and to stand victorious on Truth’s ground...paradoxically, lies can reveal truth too.”


GJ:    You said it, MS. This is why I want my readers to see the profile of one who is steeped in lies. Produce evidence of our “mud flinging” if you will. I’ve just quoted many (not all) of YOUR quotes, not someone else’s.


She ended with this:

          “And you know...the more lies you tell, the more transparent you become.”


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