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I speak unto thee this day and I say that there are those who have become entangled, they have become ensnared, they have become involved with that which has taken them away from me. I say they have been taken into much study, they have been taken into deceitfulness, they have been taken into high-mindedness and I say that their hearts are far from me. I say they have not the joy of their salvation any longer for they are entangled in the bondage of law. I say while they strain at a gnat they swallow a camel and go for the same all the day long. They think that somehow they are more acceptable unto me the Living God because of the weights they have put upon themselves. But I say that they are not free to move with me, no not at all, but I say they are heavily weighted down. I say they are as though men took heavy stones and tied them on their feet, then they try to run. I say they are encumbered, they are entangled, they are snared. But I say that I the Living God have never called thee to be in such a condition, no not at all. But I have called thee to come forth in me, for I am thy God and thy maker. I say that I have called thee to retain the joy that comes of serving me and to be uplifted in my light. I say that it is me the Living God who will strengthen and empower thee as you will but look to me. Thank me and praise me that I will lead thee, and I will guide thee into all truth. I say you do not need to weary yourselves through overdone study, but I say that you need to be rejoicing in me. I say that it is me the Living God who has promised that my Holy Ghost would lead and guide and direct thee all of thy days. Therefore I say do not be fearful but be faithful unto me and rejoice, for I say that it is me the Living God who does give thee the life. I say thank me, praise me, thank me, praise me for the privilege to be knowing me.

*      *      *

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