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Dear Generals,

           You guys are just obsessed with all this “Hell” stuff! Who cares about “Hell”! I don’t even believe there is a Hell, and if there is one, it’s nothing like what you talk about. God is love. Why don’t you spend some time talking about something nice for a change?

—taken from an e-mail sent to the Generals


ARE the TERRORS of HELL, mentioned in the Christian’s Bible, real? General Jim Green answers in the AFFIRMATIVE!

    Why have so many “Christians” stopped believing in HELL? One thing is for sure, the Bible doctrine of HELL is one of the most neglected subjects among the professors of Christianity. Why? General Jim believes that men and women in this generation HATE, I repeat, HATE the idea of being held accountable to God Almighty for their personal lives.

    Why have so many “Christian” leaders bent over backwards to annihilate HELL? Why should we, who call ourselves Christians, be concerned with HELL? Why should we believe and preach HELLFIRE?

    We implore you, dear readers, to take time to research this vital subject for yourselves.

    Is it any wonder that the Church in this hour is BACKSLID AS HELL ITSELF—because HELL is not preached or believed!

    Preaching and teaching the terrors of HELL is PROFITABLE to both the converted and unconverted. Don’t be fooled, HELL IS REAL!!! Order our FREE booklets or radio tapes on this subject. We DARE you.

Book 1: HELL: A Hideous Reality!! (46 pages)

INTRODUCTION in the book:

HELL IS A HIDEOUS REALITY, just as heaven is a heavenly reality; both are everlasting! First John 4:8 states: ". . .God is love." We would all like to meditate upon this profoundly beautiful statement, for God is Love. That is why, ". . . .He gave His only begotten (unique) Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE." (John 3:16) This loving verse reveals the heart and purpose of God --His love surpasses race, sex, and color.

God Almighty gave His Son, Jesus Christ, as an "offering" for our sins by dying on the cruel cross of Calvary. Friend, THAT IS LOVE, NOT HATE. By believing upon the only Son of God, confessing and repenting of our sins, we are placed in God's grace. To "believe" (Greek-pisteuo) includes 1. sure conviction that Christ Jesus is God's only savior for all lost humanity, even the ones who think they are very religious; 2. a self-surrendering fellowship with an obedience to Christ; 3. a fully assured trust in Christ that He is both willing and able to bring you and I to final salvation (maturity).

Dear ones, let us, on the other hand, not lose sight or forget about the word "perish". It points to the dreadful and hideous reality of everlasting punishment (see Matthew 10:28). Eternal life is the quality of God's life bestowed upon us when we are "born-again" of Spirit. This is called regeneration. Eternal life expresses both quality and perplexity, a divine type of life -a life that quickens us, makes us spiritually alive and frees us from the power of sin. But we must wage the war as good soldiers of Jesus to keep strengthened in dominion over all works of evil.

The Bible also states in Hebrews 12:29 that, ". . .God is a consuming fire." God is love, God is fire. That fire is His judgement side, the side of God most want to avoid, discard, and not accept. We must! The present form of the world (cosmos) is not eternal, it shall be destroyed (not annihilated; by fire and replaced by a new heaven and earth (see Rev. 20:11; 21:1; 2 Peter 3:10-13).

The contents of this booklet will hopefully explain plainly what the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles taught concerning hellfire. A place of "everlasting fire" exists and was spoken of very plainly by Jesus Christ. It is a SIN not to teach what He taught! This upsets too many people, but we didn't make the rules, God the Father and the Son, along with the Holy Spirit, did. They offer mankind a way out --will you take that way?

Turn to Romans 11:22, and we will see both love and judgement, side by side: "Behold therefore the goodness (love) and severity (judgement) of God: on them (rebellious and unbelieving Israel) which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off." Here the Apostle Paul directs a grave warning to all Gentile Christians, i.e., to all Christian churches, denominations, or fellowships. Friends, our rebellion and unbelief, yeah, our sins can bring His judgement upon us. We can, like rebellious Israel, be "cut off", if we do not continue on in obedience and righteousness. I am afraid most professing Christians today face this wrath side of our "loving, fiery God." If any individual or church goes the way of the world (worldliness) His severity will be revealed sooner or later. You can count on it!

I personally would rather have God "burn the hell" out of me now, as to face Him later on judgement day, judged guilty and condemned to the Lake of Fire which never dies out. The existence of hellfire does not and will not diminish the love and loveliness of our God and Saviour. You see, I personally have a choice! I live right, heaven is in sight! I live wrong, I will sing a death song.

In all honesty, ALL HONESTY, hellfire pronounces the malfeasance of the creatures, not the Creator, since hell was originally created for Satan and his wicked angels/demons, not for mankind. (see Matthew 25:41). But if anyone insists and persists in following them, they will lead you directly to their final abode.

As we go through certain studies, our prayer is that you will consider the contents. I am quite aware after thirty [now about 35] years of ministry that the Bible doctrine of hellfire is an affront to proud humankind. If we can believe in heaven, we can count on hellfire to be a real place too. If heaven lasts forever and ever, and it will, hellfire will last forever and ever. Wouldn't you rather be with the redeemed in heaven rather than in hellfire with the tormented? Only a complete fool would choose the latter. The hideous reality of hell cannot be extinguished! Most unfortunately, the newer versions of the Bible are trying (some even succeed) to take the heat out of hell. But my dear friends, by omitting, diluting, substituting, they will not and cannot change the hideous reality of hell. How foolish to add and subtract in order to make the Bible more loving and enjoyable. The original (inspired words from the mouth of God to the pen of the writers) shall forever stand against the strategies and tactics of the evil one and his messengers. Amen!

* * *

CONTENTS of Book 1:

>“Meaning of REGENERATION”

>“HEAVEN: It’s Real and It Can Be Yours”

>“Hell/Lake of Fire” (Fire Burn!)

>“Is the Soul Annihilated in Gehenna?”

>“Gospel According to Charles Stanley”

>“What About PURGATORY?”

>“ETERNITY...Where Will You Spend It?”

>“A Study on HELLFIRE”

>“Sheol-Hades Is Not the Grave”

>“Refuting ‘Death’”

>“Five Departments in the Underworld”

>“Additional Notes on Sheol/Hades”



* * *

Book 2: Locked Into Everlasting Punishment (46 pages)

CONTENTS of Book 2:

>“Meaning of REGENERATION”

>“Hell (Sheol/Hades) Cannot Be the Grave (Queber/Mnaymion)”


>“Additional Critique on SOUL SLEEPING”

>“UNIVERSALISM...off target!”


>“ANNIHILATIONISM: Unbelievers Are Ultimately Destroyed?...off target!”

>“Founder of JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES Proved to Be a PHONEY in a Court of Law”

>“The Existence of Hell and ETERNAL PUNISHMENT”

>“Eternal Punishment and Eternal Life”

>“ASSURANCE of Salvation”


* * *


“Death, Hell, and the Grave” (tapes 1-10)

“Hell: A Hideous Reality” (tapes 1-12)

“Fires of Hell” (tapes 1-4)

“Hell Fire” (tapes 1-6)

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