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“Muslim Mafia”

The following is quoted from “Muslim Mafia,” a book written by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry (chapter 16, “The Plan”; with emph. added).

————THE PLAN————

“If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshaled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time.”

—American Muslim cleric Zaid Shakir [1]

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD PROPAGANDISTS like imam Zaid Shakir preach to the Muslim community in America about waging a cultural jihad now, and a violent jihad later—once the proper “infrastructure” is in place.

“The work we should be doing is laying the infrastructure—the administrative, logistical infrastructure—putting that into place, so that if Allah put us in a situation where we did have to fight, physically, we could translate that fighting into tangible political gains,” Shakir advised Muslims during a lecture in the San Francisco Bay area, the contents of which are being revealed publicly here for the first time.[2]

This fits with the strategic plan outlined in the Brotherhood’s secret manifesto. It calls for achieving domination in the host country of America in stages, following the strategy of their prophet when he fled to Medina.

In the initial stages, when the Brotherhood is weak, the plan is to accumulate power here through peaceful means. Then in the final stages, when the Brotherhood is strong, the plan is to use coercive power—including violence if necessary—to take over the government and enforce discriminatory Shariah. The Brotherhood’s plan to Islamize America, investigators say, essentially consists of five phases:


Phase I: Establishment of an elite Muslim leadership, while raising taqwa, or Islamic consciousness, in the Muslim community.

Phase II: Creation of Islamic institutions the leadership can control, along with the formation of autonomous Muslim enclaves.

Phase III: Infiltration and Islamization of America’s political, social, economic, and educational systems, forming a shadow state within the state. Escalation of religious conversions to Islam. Manipulation of mass media, and sanitization of language offensive to Islam.

Phase IV: Openly hostile public confrontation over U.S. policies, including rioting, and militant demands for special rights and accommodations for Muslims.

Phase V: Final conflict and overthrow (jihad). [3]


The Brotherhood is now in Phase III, but patience is key to their strategy. They are willing to wait “a hundred years” to achieve their subversive goal, as Alamoudi put it.

Shakir, mistakenly considered mainstream and moderate by the media, warns that the faithful should be patient and avoid repeating the mistakes of Muslims in other kaffir nations who raised their swords too soon and died in vain.

“In many places where Muslims are doing jihad and killing kaffirs, this infrastructural work hasn’t been done,” he said. “As a result, Muslims are fighting and dying, but there’s very little tangible political benefit as a result of that fighting and dying.”

Be smarter than that—“think strategically”—he advises Muslim Americans, and hold off on the violent phase until it can “translate into political gains.” [4]

For now, he says, wage informational and financial jihad, using words and money to defeat the infidels. When the Muslim community’s numbers are large enough and its political “infrastructure” is strong enough, then use bombs.

First infiltrate and convert, then wage jihad, he reiterates. Use deception and propaganda—putting on a friendly face—until the time is right. Then drive the sword into the backs of the enemy.

“We have to start doing the real tough, nitty-gritty, unglamorous, boring work of developing our organizational and institutional strength in this country,” Shakir said. “If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshaled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time.” [5]



FOR NOW, however, the faithful still “have a lot of foundational work to do,” he added.

Shakir used the metaphor of a wall to illustrate his point. Right now, he told Muslims, “you’re a brick in the wall of the kaffir,” or the infidel. But once Muslim numbers and political clout grows, the American ummah, or Muslim community, will become its own united wall—a “unified front”—strong enough to strike the kaffir, Arabic for heathen.

“Patiently persevere,” he advised.

It’s plain that the Muslim mafia views America as the big prize. If Muslims can conquer her, Shakir says, they can conquer the world for Allah.

“If the American people accept Islam, the implications for the world are obvious. This is the most powerful and influential nation on earth, without any argument,” he said. “So if the people here become Muslim, then the implications of that for the world are quite obvious.”

He gleefully remarked that this is only made possible thanks to America’s blind religious tolerance: “We’re safe and free to practice and advance our religion here.”

Like CAIR’s leaders, he respects American democracy insofar as it can be exploited to help the Brotherhood one day assume power here. And the only thing that could stop the Islamization of America, he notes, is if its people rose up and denied the movement the unbridled freedom it has heretofore enjoyed. (But if Americans did that, Muslims would then be obligated to exercise their supposedly “divine legal right” to wage jihad.)

“What a great victory it will be for Islam to have this country in the fold and ranks of the Muslims,” rejoiced Shakir, who is a regular speaker at CAIR functions. For now, he said, following the Muslim Brotherhood playbook, Muslims must continue to “create a state within a state.”[6]

Indeed, theirs is a highly organized and self-contained world, or underworld—a parallel secret society: The Brothers have their own AFL-CIO; it’s called ISNA.

They have their own American Bar Association; it’s called the Fiqh Council, which advises members on the application of Shariah law. (The Brotherhood charter also calls for the creation one day of a “Central Islamic Court” in America.) [7]

They have their own VFW; it’s called the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council. They have their own NAACP; it’s called CAIR. Their FCA, moreover, is the MSA, or Muslim Students Association. Their United Way is (or was) the Holy Land Foundation. Their NEA is the Council on Islamic Education, or CIE. And their YMCA is WAMY—except, instead of holding basketball camps, it holds jihad camps.

They also have their own investment bank in the North American Islamic Trust, which holds the title to hundreds of radical Muslim Brotherhood mosques and manages the bank accounts of the Brotherhood’s fronts using Islamic financing principles (more on that in a forthcoming chapter).

They have their own think tank—the International Institute of Islamic Thought—and their own colleges—the Islamic American University and the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (aka Cordoba University), which has trained most of the U.S. military’s Muslim chaplains.

They also operate their own travel agency—Dar el-Eiman USA, Inc.—which enjoys an exclusive deal with the Saudi embassy to arrange travel for Muslim Americans to hajj. (Brochures and itinerary show the agency has booked Anwar Aulaqi, the 9/11 imam, as a tour guide and lecturer for the holy trips to Saudi Arabia.) [8]

The Brothers even have their own consigliere in Washington defense attorney Ashraf Nubani, a militant Palestinian activist who has defended some of the most notorious terrorists in America.

But there’s more you should know about their secret society.

The Brothers maintain their own media as well. The following publications are propaganda organs for the Muslim Brotherhood: Islamic Horizons, The American Muslim, The Muslim Link, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and its sister publication, The Link, and Islamonline.net. Brotherhood printer Amana Publishing, meanwhile, churns out copies of the Quran and other Islamic materials used to convert Americans.

They also operate their own broadcasting network—Bridges TV—and Hollywood-style production company—SoundVision.



THE BROTHERHOOD’S “object is to establish, initially, a separate society for Muslims within that of their host nations in which non-Muslims are the majority,” says former Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, now head of the Center for Security Policy in Washington. “This is accomplished by insinuating preferential arrangements for Muslims—religious accommodations, their own legal code and courts (that is, Shariah), territorial “no-go” zones, and assorted political benefits.[9]

“Initially,” he adds, “these seem modest and unthreatening. Separate rules governing dress codes. Accommodations in public spaces for the practice of a single religion. Latitude to deny service or handling of certain products in deference to religious sensibilities. Organized labor contracts that substitute Muslim holy days for Labor Day, etcetera.”

But once the Brotherhood gains such toeholds, Gaffney warns, it will keep the pressure on to secure greater and greater concessions, expanding toeholds into footholds and, eventually, beachheads.

“Inevitably,” he says, “over time if not in relatively short order, a parallel society is in place that is utterly at odds with the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution, its precepts, freedoms, and institutions.”[10]



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