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by ACMTC Staff

It is, of course, well-known that Islam alone, among the major non-Christian religions, arose after the emergence of Christianity. Most Muslims would deny this and would say that Islam has always been the religion of the righteous man. They would claim, for example, that Abraham and even Adam were Muslims. Nevertheless it remains true that the religion of Islam as we know it, with its sacred book, its law and many of its cultic features, began at a definite historical time (approximately AD 560-632, the lifetime of the prophet of Islam) and is particularly tied up with with life of a particular person named Mohammed and the community which he founded. The Cult Of The Moon God ''ALLAH''

In the 1950's archaeology disproved the Muslim faith. A major temple to the Moon-god was excavated at Hazor in Palestine. This important discovery of science is recorded in "The Moon-god Allah in the archaeology of the Middle East" by Dr. Robert A. Morey. Two idols of the Moon-god Allah were found, proving that the Allah which Muslims around the world worship as the only true God was a pre-Islamic pagan deity! Photos at the escavation of Allah sitting on a throne show the crescent moon, the symbol of the Islamic faith. Yet these Moon-god statues were made long before the Islamic faith was founded. With this in mind, let's look at a brief history of Islam. Sometime near the middle of the sixth century AD Mohammed, the yet to be Prophet of Islam, went to the city of Mecca, Arabia, where was located a pagan temple called the Kabah which housed 360 idols, including the Moon-god Allah! Mohammed was forced to flee Mecca with his small band of followers when his religious teachings were rejected there. He wanted to create his own religion and went to the Sabeans in Arabia who worshipped the three daughters of Allah, three idols to demon goddesses. Upon coming to the city of Al Medina, he declared that he was the Prophet of Allah sent to them. They militarily followed him, and by the sword they converted Arabia to the new Muslim faith, killing all who refused to convert to Islam. Violence has plagued Islam from its very inception, and as the new leader of the Muslim faith, Mohammed did not hesitate to rob and kill as a way of life. Concerning Mohammed's private life, he had a large harem, and at one time he even took away the wife of his adopted son and had sex with her when she was a child of only nine years old.

According to the Muslim faith, Mohammed is infallible and you cannot doubt anything he ever said. For example, in Hadith 543-Vol. 4, it is stated by Mohammed that the earth is flat, not round, and has to be balanced by the mountains. Furthermore, when the sun goes down each night, it goes into a muddy spring according to Mohammed in Sahih 41:9-10. That, of course is contrary to what we have learned through science, yet Mohammed is right and science is wrong, at least according to the Muslim faith! Our first Adam was 90 feet tall according to Mohammed in Hadith 543-Vol. 4, and the angel Gabrieth has 600 wings according to Mohammed in Hadith 380-Vol. 6. Mohammed always had to have much bigger stories and alleged miracles than those contained in the Bible. Did you know that according to Mohammed Satan resides in the upper part of your nose at night, that dirty booger, so it's best to blow him out with some water up your nose in the morning! (Get serious! Some people still believe this!) Hadith 516-Vol. 4. Did you know that even though Alexander the Great was a recorded pagan who died hundreds of years before Mohammed's time, Mohammed claimed that he was a Muslim! And to top it off, Mohammed claimed that drinking camel urine will make you healthy! (Hadith Vol. 7:590) How many modern Muslims partake of that pearl of wisdom? The Koran, authored by Mohammed, states that Haman was Pharaoh's minister (cf. Suras 28, 5:29, 38:40, 25:38). Both Jewish and Christian scholars agree that only an ignorant man could have made this statement. Haman was the minister in the court of Persia, not Egypt. Joseph was the minister in Pharaoh's court. Mohammed got a number of Bible stories mixed up in their details. There were many Jews and Christians where Mohammed lived and he heard these Bible stories from them, he then somehow got his facts mixed up for these stories. Mohammed heard of the miracles of Jesus, and not to be outdone, he told his followers of miracles he had done which were greater than those of Jesus. Whatever Jesus did, he told his followers how he had done greater, greater miracles than Jesus. He told them of how he had ridden a unicorn through the air. He had many amazing, miraculous stories he told his followers. Mohammed told them how the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, was the sister of Aaron (Sura 19:28) and daughter of 'Imran' (Amram) (Sura 66:12) and hence identical with Miriam the sister of Moses and Aaron. Mohammed missed this reference by maybe 1,400 to 1,500 years in light of Bible history! Jesus and Moses did not live a few years apart from each other, but would have had to if Mohammed were correct.

Mohammed also stated that the wife and one son of Noah died in the world flood. Nearly 200 ancient civilizations have this universal story of the great world flood, with this strange man who entered a big boat with a lot of animals to save them. In none of these accounts, nor the Bible account, does it report that Noah lost his wife or any of his sons. In fact, all other accounts report that everyone came out of the ark safely afterwards. When Mohammed was challenged about whether or not his accounts agreed with the Bible, he would defend himself by saying that the Bible was "corrupted". That was easier than admitting that he was wrong and had gotten his details mixed up. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls has confirmed the fact that the Old Testament was reliably translated, and that there is no so-called "corruption" of the Old Testament. Also, fragments of the New Testament were found there, and another fragment found elsewhere has been reliably dated around 50 AD, as well as entire texts of the New Testament which have been found in ancient sites with other ancient copies. There is no evidence of "corruption" in the New Testament either. The Muslims repeat the charge of Mohammed against the Bible, not understanding that the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other ancient discoveries in the Middle East, confirm that the entire Bible has been reliably translated down to the present time, and that there is no "corruption" of the Bible. The truth is that Mohammed made up this false charge in order to cover for himself when he couldn't keep his facts straight about all the different Bible stories he heard from the Jews and Christians. Mohammed claimed that Jesus never died on the cross and was never resurrected. Bishop Polycarp, venerated by all of ancient Christianity because he was the last bishop alive who had been ordained by the Apostles, knew most of the Apostles personally, and had interviewed many of the 500 witnesses who had seen Jesus Christ alive again after being crucified, dead, and buried for three days. He was martyred for the Christian faith around 160 AD. The Roman authority at Smyrna, before the whole population in the Roman stadium, offered to spare Bishop Polycarp's life if he would deny his claims about Jesus Christ. Polycarp stated that he could not deny what he had known all his life to be true, so he was executed by the state for admitting that Jesus had resurrected from the dead and was the prophesied Son of God sent as the Savior for the whole human race, even for the Muslims and Jews who have too much personal pride to admit that Jesus might really be the Savior for mankind. He was the only religious leader ever witnessed by 500 people or more to have arisen from the dead after three days, proving He had power over death. Mohammed never resurrected from the dead, but will face God as judge someday and try to explain why he, Mohammed, rejected Jesus Christ and created a new religion dedicated to destroying with the sword all Christians and Jews, if they could get away with it. Many statements of Mohammed have been disproved by science, by archaeology, by history, by medicine, and by the reliably translated Bible. Yet the Muslims assert the reason why they know that Mohammed is the true prophet of God, whom they claim is named Allah, because he never made an error in any statement he ever made for the Muslim faith. His infallibility in all statements is what proves he was a genuine prophet. Muslims will violently oppose, even to the point of murder, anyone who begins to check out whether or not the many claims of Mohammed match the known facts.

The Muslims currently have a book out which claims there are 50,000 errors in the Bible. But when you talk to Muslims you begin to realize that they don't understand the meaning of the word "sin", as well as many other important words in the Bible. Muslims don't have the cultural background necessary to understand many things written in the Bible. They could just as easily imagine 50 million errors as 50 thousand errors in the Bible because they don't understand what the Bible is really saying. You may translate the Bible into their language word for word, but the meanings they attach to these words in their language are many times completely different than ours. Words like "sin" and "blood atonement" are so alien in meaning to them they might as well be spoken by visitors from another planet. They don't understand the basic principles of Christianity, therefore they cannot understand the Bible, and with typical Middle East pride will never admit they don't understand. In most other parts of the world, if people don't understand something they freely enough admit it, ask questions, learn, and pretty soon they do understand what they previously did not. They are not offended in their pride to the point that they can't seek after knowledge and truth which may help them. Yet in the Middle East, they think it is a personal attack on them to say they don't know everything. But they have had to swallow their pride in order to study western technology about how to build nuclear bombs and missles, seeing that the West has military technology too powerful for them to fight unless they can learn how we of the scientific western world do all this.

Saudi Arabian oil money is pushing the Muslim faith hard in America, Africa and Europe. Their boast is that they will win many countries from within by converting them to the Muslim faith. Yet Christians in America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East are going to continue telling the truth about Islam, reprinting this report and others like it. Huge multitudes of Muslims throughout the world are going to realize that they are following a false prophet and that it's time to get serious about finding out how to get to the real Heaven, instead of spending all eternity in Hell because they were deceived into worshipping the pagan mood-god called Allah. The Muslims think they are very clever in their attempts to take over other countries for Islam. And because of their unlimited supply of oil money, they have made many inroads into lands where the Muslim faith had never been heard of before. The sacred book of Islam, the Koran, teaches that Muslims have the right to lie, cheat, deceive and murder in order to advance the Muslim faith. Muslim oil money financed the genocide of 300,000 Ugandans under Idi Amin as he pretended conversion to Islam. More recently Muslim extremists crucified 16,000 or more people living in Sudan when they refused to convert to the Muslim faith. In every country where Muslims gain control of the government, terrible persecution becomes the rule for Christians. For example, Muslims in Egypt would love to kill the millions of coptic Christians who also live there. What is their crime? They refuse to convert to Islam so they must die. In most Muslim countries it is forbidden to witness for Christ, and many carry the death penalty for those caught trying to spread Christainity. Through this type of ruthless oppression they have succeeded in keeping millions of people bound in darkness as slaves to Islam. Let this be a warning to those countries where Muslims are currently agitating for control. History has proven that nothing but persecution, violence and bloodshed follow a Muslim takeover until all of their enemies are exterminated and they establish the "peace" of Allah's kingdom. We believe that a religion which continues to act like something out of the Dark Ages of mankind, or like a brutal barbarian movement claiming to be the religion of the only true god, should be exposed to the whole world for its bloodthirsty attitude and wicked desire to murder everyone in the entire world who will not convert to the Muslim faith. They would love to acquire enough military technology, nuclear weapons and biological/chemical weapons to threaten the rest of the world into submission. If they can get enough powerful, modern weapons, their desire is to spread the Muslim faith by force, waging a "holy war" of extermination until all who won't convert to Islam are wiped out.

The Muslims, in their game of subversion, assure the Blacks that their Mohammed was a black man. They are pulling a shrewd con game on the Blacks, because in Sahik Al Bukhary Vol. 1, no. 63, we read, "...who amongst you is Mohammed?" We replied, "this white man..." In Volume 2 Hadith No. 122, Mohammed is referred to as a "white person". Mohammed referred to Blacks as slaves and even owned several himself. Bilal, Abu Hurairah, Usamah, Ebn Zaayed, and a "Ghullaam" (youth) named Rabbah, were among Mohammed's slaves. Even in modern times, the common word of Islam in Saudi Arabia for "black" is "abd", meaning slave. When Mohammed was alive, one Muslim gave a Black slave his freedom. Mohammed seized the boy, auctioned him as a slave and sold him for 800 derhams to Na-eem Ebn Abdullah Al-Nahham (Sahih Moslem Vol. 7, pg. 83). Mohammed referred to Blacks as "raisin heads" (Sahih Al Bukhary Vol. 1, No. 662 and Vol. 9, No. 246). He also made other crude comments about Blacks showing his utter contempt for them. Some of these quotes are really bad! For Blacks who think that the Muslim faith is their friend, I would ask them who do they think the first slave traders were? For centuries Muslim slavers rounded the Blacks up from all over Africa, killing any who resisted, and then sold them into bondage around the world.

Muslims may not have Christians or Jews for friends (Sura 5:54). To oppose Islam is punishable by either death, crucifixion, cutting off of the hands and feet, or exile from the land (Sura 5:36). In Muslim dominated countries there are no opposition parties allowed (Surah 4:59), and no separation between church and state (Surah 2:193). Under Islam a man may beat his wife (Surah 4:34). A Muslim who converts to Christianity must be killed (Sura 9:12). The Koran of Mohammed teaches that the Muslims should be patient and courteous with the people of the Book (Christians and Jews) when the Muslims are weak. But once they are strong, then they may act as described in Sura 2:191, which tells them to "Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out..." Muslims are bound to follow the example of Mohammed who changed his position from one of acquiesence to one of attack as soon as he became strong enough to launch the Gihad (holy war). In light of these points, you can better understand why Muslims bomb planes and buildings, issue murder contracts before the entire world, and continue to execute hundreds of thousands of people right through 1995 who will not convert to the Muslim faith, or who are found converting Muslims to another faith. The Koran teaches the Muslims a religion of violence and hatred towards all those who are not children of "Allah", a bloody religion which, if able, will put to the sword any who stand in its way!

Islam Unveiled

by Dr. Robert A. Morey
The Scholars Press, Box 290, Shermans Dale, PA 17090

Pre-Islamic Origins of Allah

It will come as a surprise to many Muslims and Non-muslims alike that the word "Allah" was not something invented by Muhammed or revealed for the first time in the Quran. The well known Middle Eastern scholar H. Gibb, pointed out that the reason that Muhammed never had to explain who "Allah" was in the Quran was that his listeners had already heard about Allah long before Muhammed was ever born.1 Dr. Arthur Jeffery, who was one of the foremost Western Islamic scholars in modern times and Professor of Islamic and Middle East Studies at Columbia Univ., pointed out that, "The name Allah, as the Quran itself is witness, was well known in Pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among the theophorous names in inscriptions from North Africa."2 The word "Allah" comes from the compound Arabic word, "al-ilah". The "al" is the definite article "the" and the word "ilah" is an Arabic word for "god". It is not a foreign word. It was not even the Syriac word for God. It is pure Arabic.3 Neither is "Allah" a Hebrew or Greek word for God as found in the Bible. Allah is an Arabic term used in reference to an Arabian deity. Hastings' Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics states, ""Allah" is a proper name, applicable only to their (i.e. Arab) peculiar God."4 According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, ""Allah" is a pre-Islamic name....corresponding to the Babylonian Bel."5 Due to past experiences with recalcitrant students who found it hard to believe that "Allah" was a pagan name for a peculiar pagan Arabian deity in pre-Islamic times, the following citations are given. "Allah is found...in Arabic inscriptions prior to Islam." (Encyclopedia Britannica)6 "The Arabs, before the time of Mohammed, accepted and worshipped, after a fasion, a supreme god called allah." (The Encyplopedia of Islam, ed. Houtsma)7 "Allah was known to pre-Islamic Arabs; he was one of the Meccan deities." (Encyclopedia of Islam, ed. Gibb)8 "The name Allah goes back before Muhammed." (Encyclopedia of World Mythology And Legend)10 "The origin of this (Allah) goes back to pre-Muslim times. Allah is not a common name meaning "God" (or a "god"), and the Muslim must use another word or form if he wishes to indicate any other than his own peculiar deity." (Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics)11 To the testimony of the above standard reference works, we add those of such scholars as Henry Preserved Smith of Harvard University who said, "Allah was already known by name to the Arabs."12 Dr. Kenneth Cragg, who was the editor of the prestigious scholarly journal "Muslim World" and an outstanding modern Western Islamic scholar, whose works were generally published by Oxford University, comments, "The name Allah is also evident in archeological and literary remains of pre-Islamic Arabia."13 Dr. W. Montgomery Watt, who was Professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at Edinburgh University and visiting Professor of Islamic studies at College de France, Georgetown University and University of Toronto, has done extensive work on the pre-Islamic concept of Allah. He concludes that, "In recent years I have become increasingly convinced that for an adequate understanding of the career of Muhammed and the origins of Islam, great importance must be attached to the existence in Mecca of belief in Allah as a "high god."14 Caesar Farah in his book on Islam concludes his discussion of the pre-Islamic meaning of Allah by saying, "There is no reason, therefore, to accept the idea that Allah passed to the Muslims from the Christians and Jews."15

According to Middle East scholar E.M. Wherry, whose translation of the Quran is still used today, in pre-Islamic times, Allah-worship, as well as Baal-worship, were both astral religions in that they involved the worship of the sun, the moon and the stars.16 In Arabia, the sun god was viewed as a female goddess and the moon as the male god. As has been pointed out by many scholars such as Alfred Guilluame, the moon god was called by various names, one of which was Allah!17 The name Allah was used as the personal name of the moon god versus other titles that could be given to him. Allah, the moon god, was married to the sun-goddess. Together they produced three goddesses who were called "the daughters of Allah." These three goddesses were called Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat. The "daughters of Allah", along with Allah and the sun-goddess were viewed as "high" gods. That is, they were viewed as being at the top of the pantheon of Arabian deities. Along with Allah, however, they worshipped a host of lesser gods and "daughters of Allah". 18

The symbol of the worship of the moon god in Arabian culture and elsewhere throughout the Middle East was the crescent moon. Archeologists have uncovered numerous statues and hieroglyphic inscriptions in which a crescent moon was seated on top of the head of the deity to symbolize the worship of the moon god. The Quraysh tribe into which Muhammed was born was particularly devoted to Allah, the moon god and especially to Allah's three daughters who were viewed as intercessors between them and Allah. The worship of the three goddesses, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat played a significant role in the worship at the Kabah in Mecca. The literal Arabic name of Muhammed's father was Abd-Allah. His uncle's name was literally Obied-Allah. Thus the very names of his father and his uncle revealed the personal devotion that Muhammed's pagan family had to the worship of Allah, the moon god.

Before Islam came to power an Allah idol was set up at the Kabah along with all the other idols. The pre-Islamic pagans prayed toward Mecca and the Kabah because that was where their gods were stationed. It only made sense to them to face in the direction of their gods and then pray. Since the idols of their god were Mecca, they prayed toward Mecca. It is also interesting to note that the worship of the moon god was far more widespread than just the Allah worship in Arabia. The entire fertile crescent was involved in the worship of the moon. This, in part, explains the early success of Islam among Arab groups that had traditionally worshipped the moon god. The use of the crescent moon as the symbol for Islam which is often placed on the top of mosques and minarets is no doubt a throwback to the days when Allah was worshipped as the moon god at the Kabah in Mecca. It is not just a symbol of the feast of Ramadan. While this may come as a surprise to many Christians who have wrongly assumed that Allah was simply another name for the God of the Bible, many educated Muslims generally understand this point.

In the field of comparative religions, it is understood that each of the major religions of mankind has its own peculiar concept of deity. In other words, all religions DO NOT worship the same God, just under different names. The sloppy thinking that would allow this type of uninformed assumption would ignore the essential differences which divide world religions and is an insult to the uniqueness of world religions. Which of the world religions holds to the Christian concept of one eternal God in three persons? When the Hindu denies the personality of God, how many religions will agree with them? Obviously, all men DO NOT worship the same God, just under different names. The Quran's concept of deity evolved out of a pre-Islamic pagan religion. It is so uniquely Arabian that it cannot be simply attributed to Jewish or Christian beliefs. Islam, as we know it today, is rooted in the pagan cult of the moon god.
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