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"opposition" & "oppression"

BESIDES physical opposition or oppression, verbal opposition is considered a tremendous threat to Allah and his messenger. Verbal opposition does not just mean to maliciously slander Islam, but it includes any verbalization of one's own beliefs that do not comply with Islamic doctrine. If you deny Allah's deity or Mohammed's authority as a prophet, you are "opposing" or "fighting" Islam. Of course, a great verbal offense would be for you to persuade a Muslim that his religion was wrong. This is a serious form of oppression. In fact, it is considered worse than a physical assault against a Muslim: "Tumult and oppression [literally Temptation and persecution] are worse than slaughter" (Qur'an 2:217). Therefore, any type of non-Islamic evangelism is deemed worse than slaughter, for it is "tempting" a Muslim to renounce Allah and his messenger.

To be consistent with the context, the rest of the Qur'an, and the historical example of Mohammed, the correct interpretation of "Fight . . . those who fight you" (2:190) is "Fight . . . those who oppose you," or, that is, "Fight . . . those who reject the faith of Islam." And since verbal opposition--which includes preaching, teaching, or even confessing any faith besides Islam--is seen as oppression, the following is our only logical conclusion:

All non-Muslims believe something besides Islam, obviously, and they speak about what they believe and confess truths other than Islamic doctrines; therefore, according to Qur'anic teaching, ALL NON-MUSLIMS ARE "OPPRESSORS" AND "REJECTERS" OF THE ISLAMIC FAITH, and so ALL NON-MUSLIMS ARE TARGETS FOR ISLAMIC AGGRESSION.

That's right, if you do not believe in Islam, you are immediately categorized in the class of "oppressor." Any words you speak can be labeled as "oppression." Dear non-Muslim, you are automatically considered a threat to the Cause of Allah! With this in mind, we can understand why true Muslims are obsessed with Islamic world-domination and the eradication of all non-Muslims (especially Christians). The uncompromising Muslim is simply following the commands and principles of his violent god who tells him to fight all oppressors, which, as we have clarified here, is simply to fight all non-Muslims. Allah commanded that death is the "reward" for those who "reject faith" (v.191), and Muslims must fight those who reject Islam until there is NO MORE OPPOSITION to their faith (2:193). Here we see the inspiration for the Muslim's bloodlust and drive for power. Islam must reign, according to the Qur'an, and Muslims must fight everyone and at least bring the world into subjugation to Islam, if not into full conversion, to ensure that end. "Fight . . . until there is NO MORE OPPOSITION--UNTIL THERE ARE NONE WHO DO NOT BOW TO ISLAM."


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