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To Our Muslim Friends....

When we say that Islam does not believe in human rights and does not recognize the individual's freedom, many people object. When we claim that the wars which Muhammad and his successors waged were OFFENSIVE conflicts used to SPREAD ISLAM by FORCE, to plunder the abundance of other nations, to seize properties and lands, and to capture men, women, boys and girls for slaves, we encounter multitudes of people who express their astonishment and disapproval. Because of such widespread ignorance and disbelief, we have decided to offer the facts. Our series titled, "The Heart And Soul Of Islam", will address some of the most controversial topics in the Muslim world today. We want to emphasize that both ancient and contemporary Muslim scholars will be our only source of information.

We here at ACMTC International catch crossfire from both Muslims and unlearned Christians. It is time that Moslems read for themselves what their own scholars such as; Al-Bokhary, Moslem, Ibn Hisham, Inb Kathier, Al-Baydawy, Al-Tabarie, Jalalan, Al-Mahallie, and Al-Siwetie, Ibn Al-Athier, Ibn Hazm, Ibn Teimeia, Ibn Khaldoon and Al-Zama-khsharie, as well as the four great Jurisprudents; Al-Shafaie, Abu Hanifa, Malek, and Ibn Ons, since the vast majority of all Moslems follow one of these four creeds. In fact, these scholars rely mainly on the life and sayings of Muhammad as well as the teachings and saying of his companions, such as the four successors; Khaliefa Abu Bakr, Omar, Ottoman, and Ali. They also relied upon Ibn Abbas, Muhammad's cousin who was rightly depicted as the Qur'an expositor and the most knowledgeable concerning the writings of Muhammad.

In fact, it is safe to say that virtually all Muslim researchers (as well as common Moslems) are familiar with the above mentioned scholars. For Moslems, these men are similar to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Peter and Paul, and all they represent for Christians. Actually, Moslems rely on the writings of these ancient scholars very heavily, since such scholars are the pillars of Precept (Sunah). To clarify, Islam is not based on the Qu'ran alone, but on what Muslims call Precept, or Sunah as well. This is confirmed unanimously by all contemporary scholars. Anyone who does not believe in Precept cannot be reckoned as a true Muslim according to all authorities. Precept included primarily the saying and life of Muhammad as well as exposition of Qur'anic verses and the reason for these verses being revealed to him.

In our next several issues of Battle Cry, Wisdom's Cry and Tribal Call publications, these studies will be printed. You will want to request (free of charge) all 3 publications because each issue will contain a selected study. Despite the angry accusations that fill the air, we want to make it perfectly clear that our primary motive is a sincere love and concern for the multiplied millions of Muslims who are trapped in an oppressive religious system without the ONE and ONLY SAVIOUR -the Lord Jesus Christ. Being religious does not make one righteous, or right with God. This goes for both those who believe in Muhammad as well as in Jesus. Dead religion cannot help anyone -we need a Living Saviour. It is too easy to say we believe in God. We MUST be born again into a personal relationship with God, and this can only be done through Jesus Christ. (John 3:1-21 Holy Bible)

We don't want to limit these studies to just Muslims and Christians, but we call upon all thinkers, researchers and seekers in the field of religion. You may request our free booklets no matter what country you live in. Take the challenge! Ask some questions! Are the God of the Bible and Allah one and the same? Was Muhammad the last prophet or was Jesus Christ? Did Muhammad practice slavery? Is Islam a religion of the sword or a religion of tolerance and peace? What about the status of women? Does the Qur'an contain scientific and historical errors? What about grammatical mistakes? Shall we look into the abrogated Qur'anic verses? Does the Qur'an have contradictions? Has it been perverted? What about Islams's ordinances and laws?

We have found that very many Christians as well as Muslims are in the dark concerning knowledge of true Islam. Before you label us HATE messengers, please study these lessons, compiled and written solely by Muslim scholars -not by Christians throwing stones. May we all accept God's ONE and ONLY provision for eternal salvation, Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

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You can find the entire book "Behind the Veil", from which we have gained our information, at this site: Behind The Veil

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