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THE Eternal God
AND His Eagle Soldiers

"Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of His understanding" (Isaiah 40:28).
WHAT a mighty God we serve!--Eternal Creator of the WHOLE world! The LORD is Lord of beginning and end, and He IS sovereign always, even through the interposing ages. He is LORD, ALMIGHTY GOD, Lord of matter, time, and space. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost--God governs ALL things according to the eternal purpose of Their (plural)/His (singular) will.

Let it be known that ONLY the LORD GOD rules. He IS supreme above all other gods and goddesses. He knows all, sees all, and is all powerful. He is completely self-sufficient, and ever unmoveable in His righteousness.

Our God has been drawing out from the world a people for Himself, and He has been sending His people back into the world to be His witnesses and servants for the extension of His Kingdom and the building up of Christ's Body on earth, for the praise and glory of His Holy, Royal, Everlasting Name.

The LORD's eternal nature stands above all the events of time; yet He manifests Himself in EVERY event of time's history. What other god can do this or has done this? What other religion can boast of such a glorious truth? NONE!! Even the LORD's creation declares Him to be LORD of the universe, for it obeys His commands.

"He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength" (v. 29). This verse, my dear faint-hearted and weary Christian soldier, is for you. It is for me. It is for all who labor for Christ's sake. At a time when the tide of events demands the exhaustion of men's energy and vitality, when we are attacked and attacked by our enemies and trying events, God, the LORD God, our Lord and Saviour, the Holy Spirit of God IS the source of power that we must look unto. He is our only strength. So we do not have to succumb to the wiles of the demons in the land or to sicknesses.

Israel was taken captive because of her sins. "Christians" in this generation will experience the same. Israel's long, grim years of captivity were physically and emotionally exhausting. In addition, there was a spiritual fatigue which posed a most serious obstacle to the Israelite's attempting the eventual homeward march. Yet Isaiah proclaimed a refreshing exhortation--God is infinitely resourceful, and His boundless energies are so great, even the universe is a witness of them. God's power is available to the repentant.

Now we may not be tired and weary because of our sins but because of our labors for the Lord Jesus; yet we too may be refreshed and renewed by God's power.

Verse 30 tells us, "Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall." Friends, as I look around today, I see both Christian and pagan youth faint and fall. In order to keep going we must, by our own wills, steel ourselves "for the long haul," for repeated attacks, for exasperating events.

We Christians face a hostile world at this time, increasingly so for we American Christians. I shall not complain, but explain, we reap what we sow. For what the West has sown, many of us who do mission work "out there" receive attacks, even if we have had nothing to do with the foreign policies of the West. Nevertheless, God allows evils to work themselves out. This includes evils of both Church and State. And God's justice brings forth judgments.

It is a shame that so many professed Christians preach and teach "nationism" and not true Christianity. We're failing both God and man. Too often, those who claim His name deny their missionary calling, and thus fail to be at the right place at the right time. Too many have conformed to this fallen world, both in dress and action. Yet those who compromise with God give their lives to their sinful nation. Indeed, true Christianity is not being taught.

Don't' give up! Our Eternal God will have a remnant army that will "carry on." With His power and might, we can out-weary our antagonists. The enemies of righteousness may win some battles, and they have and do, but in the long duration of God's unflagging war, the enemies will lose!!

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint" (v. 31).

They SHALL renew their strength!
They SHALL mount up!
They SHALL run!
They SHALL walk!

The above Scripture puts emphasis on the mentality which made Israel the "waiting" tribe, God's nation, par excellence (i.e., more than all others). Also, the Scripture sharply contrasts the weakness of Israel and the strength of God. And we see the picture of the eagle--walking, running, mounting up to take flight by the power of faith. Speaking of the eagle, the Septuagint translates the passage like this: "...shall put forth wings!" The Targum reads, "...lift up their wings!"

Christian, are you waiting upon the LORD for your strength? Or do you run to the world for your "go power"? The word "wait" has several meanings: 1) to guard, watch; to stay in a place or remain in readiness or in anticipation until something expected happens or for someone to arrive or catch up; 2) to be ready or at hand; 3) to remain temporarily undone or neglected; 4) to serve, as a waiter at a table [Do you serve the Lord and wait on Him with all respect?]; 5) to wait on orders; 6) to wait, as a watchman; lie in wait so as to catch after planning an ambush or trap; 7) to act as a servant, a clerk.

So, "waiting" is not just staying put and doing nothing. Not taking action may be required in our walk with Christ, of course, but certainly we are to wait upon the LORD like a clerk or table waiter. Too many are just waiting for some BIG thing or some ministry to fall from the sky before they serve the Lord. Sure, there are times in our walk, our warfare, that we grow weary and weak and we need to wait for His strength, but many times serving Him in little ways will infuse us with His strength to get walking, running, and flying.

Of course, Israel was waiting to be totally liberated from Babylonian captivity, and her liberation did come by the Persians. Then Israel waited for the homeward march back to Jerusalem to repair their ruined city and land.

It is not uncommon for men and women of faith to know the exaltation of eagles wings. Such "winged" spirits--and Isaiah was one in his day--soar far above the earthly obstacles which impede and take the heart (spirit) out of their fellow believers. But if we keep our eyes, minds, and hearts stayed upon the Lord, we can advance in full flight. Yes, waiting on the Lord--not just for pleasant circumstances to arrive--gives us access to His mighty power.

We must say what John Wesley once said it at 82 years old: "I bless God that I am never tired of my work, yet I am often tired in my work." Did you know that when we are totally absorbed in God's work, and we move swiftly, we are in better control (by His Spirit) and have more stamina than when we slacken our pace? No doubt about it, the Church in this hour has no stamina. The so-called Christians are literally wasting God's time by "waiting" on themselves! The result? Look around you.

Another definition for the word "wait" (the verb) is "to wind or twist." From this root come such nouns as "rope" and "spider's web." To "wait for the Lord," therefore, may mean to let the Lord become your lifeline, your rope of hope, your cord of escape.

The emphasis in our passages is not waiting passively but eagerly (cf. with Psalm 56:6 and Psalm 119:95). The Word describes evildoers "waiting" in ambush to slay the righteous. In the Psalms it speaks of the farmer's eagerness as he awaits the coming harvest. Should we, Christ's disciples, His missionaries, not be eagerly awaiting our next orders? our next commission? Should we not be excited about receiving strength when ours is weak? God has the power and He gives us that power if we "wait upon the Lord" properly.

We serve an amazing Christ! The everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth, comes to BELIEVING believers everywhere at every time: He comes in seemingly commonplace and routing happenings, just as He does in the startling and dynamic crises of history. Always, our only sufficiency is from our eternal God (2 Corinthians 3:5).

They claim there are eight species of eagles in the Holy Land: "1) Aguila Chrysoetus, the osprey of the AV, which is the golden eagle; 2) Heliaca, the imperial eagle; 3) Clanga, the greater spotted eagle, and perhaps Pomarina, the lesser spotted eagle, of which, however, only one specimen has been noted; 4) Rapox, the tawny eagle; 5) Pennata; 6) Nipolenis, the steppe eagle; 7) Bonelli; 8) Circaetus, the short-toed eagle. This last one is easily recognized by its large, flat head; its huge golden eyes, and brightly spotted breast."

All the above eagles are included by the Arabs under a generic term. Their term even includes those which have specific names such as the osprey, and the Egyptian vulture. Eagles of all kinds have swiftness of flight as found in Deuteronomy 28:49; they soar high into the air as said in Isaiah 40:31; they make their nests in lofty treetops or inaccessible rocks as Job 39:27-30 and Jeremiah 49:16 tell us. Also, according to Job 39:29, they have great keenness of eyesight. Eagles are really beautiful, fascinating birds.

Psalm 103:5 speaks of the renewal of the youth of the eagle. The allusion is to the eagle's longevity. Remarkably, eagles sometimes reach 100 years of age!

"They shall mount up with wings as eagles" (Isaiah 40:31). Another way some translations put it is, "They shall put forth fresh feathers like the moulting eagle." Some experts state that the eagle lives and retains his vigor until he is quite old, and, beyond the common lot of other birds, the eagle moults (sheds his feathers at certain intervals, prior to having them replaced), and does so in his old age, renewing his feathers, thereby renewing his youth.

"Thy youth is renewed like the eagle's" (Psalm 103:5). It was common in centuries gone by to speak of the eagle when speaking of youthfulness. For example, one man addressed an ancient emperor, saying, "Long mayst thou live, O king; still like the eagle, renew thy youth, and still retain thy vigor." Rabbi Saodias said, "Every 10th year the eagle flies near the sun; and when not able any longer to bear the burning heat, she falls down into the sea, and soon loses her feathers, and thus renews her vigor. This she does every 10th year till the 100th, when, after she has ascended near the sun, and falleth into the sea, she rises no more." Whether this is true or not, I know not; but God created this great bird and gives us Biblical examples of her characteristics. We must mount up our wings as eagles. We must renew our youth like the eagle.

God will and does have His EAGLE SOLDIERS. Truly, the Eternal God is faithful to impart His strength and power to those eagle saints. Amen.
--by General James Green

~ACMTC songs~

We are rising up with the force of an eagle,
With God leading the way wherever we go.
With our mighty wings we fly into battle.
We are rising up with the strength of an eagle.
Prevailing over each storm;
Soaring high above sin;
Climbing ever higher,
With our eyes on Him.
And when we take to the sky,
Our goal will be
To see every chain of man fall off
And every captive set free.

The Lord is raising up His army.
Can you hear the Spirit calling?
Can you hear the Battle Cry?
Marching forward while blazing news of warning,
Telling people to get ready, for the day of battle draws nigh.
Fill me up and pour me out--I'm your vessel.
So the world can see without a doubt--
I'm your vessel.

The Lord is calling for surrenders.
To die we must be willing,
For the harvest will be sure.
Come on soldiers, there can be no hesitating,
Because the Battle's raging, and our victory's assured.
Fill me up and pour me out--I'm your vessel.
So the world can see without a doubt--
I'm your vessel.

Soldiers, let us take heed
To hold on to the Master
And remember our creed--
That in the furnace of afflictions
We become His branding iron,
Burning His mark in this earth,
Or at least die trying.

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